A Case study on St Xaviers college in India

St. Xavier ‘s college is located in South Bombay or SoBo as it ‘s called which has a really distinguishable civilization of its ain. Kids come to this college non merely from different parts of Mumbai, but India and even from foreign states. Each brings with them their ain civilization that finally pours into the seething, dynamic civilization of Xavier ‘s enriching it.

We can deconstruct the civilization of Xavier ‘s under the undermentioned subjects which will finally take us to the impact of Xavier ‘s civilization.

A common yarn running through activities at Xavier ‘s is excellence both academic and non academic. Academia at Xavier ‘s follows the province course of study ( before liberty ) and has now expanded to include newer schools of idea and added research. The being of the Honours programme which is an excess recognition class is a manifestation of the demand for something excess. Each section is allowed a hebdomad in which to showcase the work they ‘ve done and portion it with the college pupils and even pupils of other colleges. Apart from that each section has a movie hebdomad dedicated to them where all Xavierites are encouraged to go to and lend. They ‘re all for a holistic instruction. This merely means that pupils, their parents and professors at Xavier ‘s ever anticipate and lend more than what is stipulated. Every activity/talent at Xavier ‘s is encouraged at some signifier or another. There are assorted nines for movie surveies, theater, picture taking, the Indian Music Group and even societal work with there being a touchable end every nine works to towards the terminal, like a festival of kinds. Possibly one of the biggest of these events is Malhar, the one-year college festival of Xavier ‘s with colleges from all over India participating and some from abroad. This is one of the biggest ‘mixers ‘ and iceboats that Xavier ‘s childs have since each perpendicular recruits in the beginning of the college twelvemonth. Xavierites are besides active participants in other college events and more frequently than non winning awards and other virtue. Students are encouraged to be a portion of AISEC and the Mumbai chapter of the MUN. Xavierites play every athletics conceivable and the gym is ever bombinating with activity.

Every category is allowed a Khadala trip, to the Xavier ‘s Villa at Khandala to carry on a ‘seminar ‘ . This is important particularly for first twelvemonth pupils because this is where they really get to cognize each other better and settle down as a category picking friends who they ‘ll pass 3 old ages with and most frequently stay friends for life with. Another event is the rural cantonment which the Social Service League ( SSL ) organizes.

Apart from this they have exchange programmes with foreign colleges. They besides have affiliations with local NGOs where pupils are expected to set about 60 hours of voluntary societal service as portion of their Social Involvement Programme ( SIP ) .


One of the chief enduring images of the civilization at Xavier ‘s is the edifice with its Gothic architecture and unsmooth rock walls. Every arch and gargoyle is beloved to pull the leg of analyzing at that place even old ages after they pass out. Shobha De, an alumna of the college, speech production at the hundred-and-fortieth anniversary jubilations said, “ the really edifice and stone of Xavier ‘s, apart from the memories, is why we hurry back whenever there ‘s an chance. To see the lives we celebrated here, our glorious old ages, the walls now resound with 140 old ages of narratives and whisper it to us when we listen closely. ”

Siting in a high-ceilinged, wooden floored schoolroom as a fan spins lazily overhead while pupils intently listen to or discourse in category is what most people remember about the categories.

In footings of physical infinites, the anteroom, forests ( ironically with 2 and a half trees ) , the arches, library and chapel are topographic points where the childs spend free period or ‘hangout ‘ after category. This is where they interact with each other, non merely people from their category or section. The anteroom is a hive of activity and is where most of the feeding takes topographic point.

Curiously plenty, so is Father Terry ‘s room. Father Terence Quadros is possibly one of the luckiest priests on campus. This on campus counselor is who most of the adult females ( and some work forces ) on campus bend to to pour their bosom out, sift through their problems or merely take a sleep. His ‘office ‘ has shock absorbers, swaying chairs, lazy chairs, covers, medical specialties, soft playthings and a willing ear.


To be really honest, Xavierites have an air about them. They ‘re non needfully snobbish but as Pearl Fernandes, a Third Year Mass Media pupil, puts it, “ We feel we have a right to move the manner we do because somehow we feel superior. It is n’t a high quality composite but we ‘re cool like that. ” People assume that if you ‘re from Xavier ‘s that makes you automatically ache, socially responsible ( make full in any greatest adjective ) .

Everything conveys this attitude, from the manner they talk to the manner they dress.

Xavierites are clearly divided into groups irrespective of what they ‘re analyzing. Each group dresses and behaves likewise but all-in-all they ‘re coloured with the same Xavier ‘s coppice. You have the Athletes: childs who play multiple athleticss and have a tantrum, athletic toned organic structure. It does n’t merely mention to work forces but the adult females besides. They normally dress in path bloomerss ( or trunkss in the forenoon if they ‘re playing ) and waistcoats. Then you have the cheerleaders. They ‘re non truly cheerleaders but they ‘re size is in binary figures i.e. either 1 or 0 and they dress like theoretical accounts ( really some even are theoretical accounts ) . They are characterized by styled hair, manicured custodies, a La manner dressing and perfect accoutrements and makeup. The drama-lit group are people who are portion of the play nine and people who write irrespective if they ‘re taken English lit or non. They normally congregate on the inn stairss and tree short pantss to sit and discourse a new book, film or drama. They dress in kurtas and denims and lug jholas. The adult females prefer holding an ‘Indian ‘ expression about them be it wooden earrings or a thick metal kada with their hair tied in a roll. Then there ‘s the scientific discipline group who ‘re busy finishing diaries all through their interruption seeking to stuff their oral cavities with something before another long session of practicals begin. They may or may non be have oning lab coats but in their bags they have all nonsense pokum material like nichrome wires, phials of sludge to prove and petri dishes or something. Then there are the instrumentalists. Peoples who belong to a set either in Xavier ‘s or outside or play an instrument are

portion of this group. They ‘re easy identified by their guitar or fiddle instances and in some state of affairss even the uneven synthesist or drum-sticks. They ‘re besides trailed by their groupies who could besides be portion of the cheerleaders. These cats sit around the BCR ( boys common room ) practicing or vocalizing or making something musical. Then you have the Goths and sloths. Peoples who ‘ve made bent apparels a manner statement. They ‘re fashionably untidily dressed, mismatch twenty-four hours is every twenty-four hours and they ‘re by and large socially inclined. Another big group is the behenji group. These are childs ( largely adult females ) who dress simple, oil and portion their hair and behave like they ‘re already 40. Then there are the dope-heads who more frequently than non besides belong to the abovementioned groups ( excepting the behenjis who ‘d acquire a bosom onslaught if accused of such a thing ) . There are besides the terpsichoreans who include the cool B male childs, hip hop, modern-day terpsichoreans etc that win every competition and perform at every juncture. They look like they ‘ve merely finished hiting for Step Up 2: the streets.

Everybody at Xavier ‘s in extremely sociable and speak to each other but there are clear cut definitions of who will speak to who. Like the terpsichoreans would ne’er speak to the behenjis who would ne’er speak to the dope-heads who would be ignored by the cheerleaders etc. like every organisation, Xavier ‘s has it ‘s ain pecking order and political relations is rampant.

Peer force per unit area has a immense impact on the manner people behave at Xavier ‘s. At this age, friends are everything. Peoples wo n’t day of the month person their friends do n’t O.K. of etc.

The ‘Holy Trinity ‘ i.e. the CP, and 2 VCPs of Malhar are treated like Gods. They ‘re the most desired places in all the land. Student council be damned, people pray to be elected to the top 3. It ‘s about like being president and swayer at the same clip.

One eldritch usage that Xavierites have is when they ‘re hanging out in the anteroom and a glass bottle breaks they all clap. Shuba, a 3rd twelvemonth Microbiology Student says, “ no affair how stupid you think it is in your caput, when the bottle breaks all your snobbery goes out of the window and you clap merely like the remainder, grinning all the piece. It ‘s merriment. ”


Xavierites, on campus, are extremely disciplined. They have this ingrained subject bone that does n’t let them to be genuinely riotous. Not to state that they do n’t toe the line or do n’t arise when they feel it necessary, they do. But catch one of them driving rummy or brawling in the street. It has n’t happened yet. There ‘s an unwritten codification of moralss that no one demand Tell you. You merely experience it when you ‘re initiated as a pupil.

Another kind of common apprehension is that no one plays any game in the first quadrilateral ( 1st quad ) during college hours. It is n’t forbidden by the admin but the childs realize that the first quad is surrounded by categories and it might acquire disrupted.

The childs besides have a no littering policy and childs who litter shortly learn they have to obey the norm or equal force per unit area will see that they conform.

The childs are besides extremely intolerant of radical political orientations or dispositions other than Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Gossip Girl. They respect people ‘s sentiments but wo n’t hold it thrust on them. Which is besides why hapless small Aditya Thakeray finds himself outcast and entirely after his protesting fiasco.


Its mission proper is its dedication to research, instruction and the assorted signifiers of cultural service, as the indispensable skyline and context for a echt saving, reclamation and communicating of cognition and human values, to endeavor for an rational enterprise that focuses on critical and originative thought, with the purpose of societal transmutation.

Functional Aspects of St. Xavier ‘s College

1. Attendance:

St. Xavier ‘s really peculiarly follows the 75 % attending regulation for each topic as dictated by the Maharashtra board of Education & A ; the University of Mumbai. Attendance is purely taken by the professor in charge at the start/ terminal of each talk in order to guarantee that no proxy attending is given. At the terminal of each month they come up with a black list of attending defaulters as a warning to those falling short of attending. And at the terminal of each semester they come up with a defaulters list which includes the names of pupils who have defaulted on attending throughout the semester. Such pupils are so requested to run into with the principal of the college and are besides required to name their parents to college for a meeting with the principal. So rigorous they are about their attending that many defaulters of attending at the 12th Grade in the college are refused admittances to the degree college at St. Xavier ‘s.

2. Beyond the Text Book:

In line with the research disposition that St. Xavier ‘s possesses, even pupils are encouraged to seek cognition beyond what is achieved from the prescribed text books. For this they have in topographic point an “ Honour ‘s Programme ” – a one of its sort programme which is n’t offered by any other college in the metropolis of Mumbai. Here pupils are encouraged to prosecute into little scale research surveies, do paper presentations, attend seminars and talks organised by the college for which the pupils are given credits. Therefore this gives the pupils an chance to larn beyond their ain specialisations as credits across verticals can besides measure up the pupil for the Honours Certificate. Thus St. Xavier ‘s is an administration that greatly emphasizes verve and growing

3. Cultural Activities:

St. Xavier ‘s College, Mumbai has been judged the best college for all unit of ammunition development by many studies conducted merely because of the attending it pays to extra-curricular activities like executing humanistic disciplines & A ; literary humanistic disciplines. It besides plays hosts at Malhar- the oldest and most popular under alumnus college festival where it encourages pupils from other colleges to take part in the assorted events that take topographic point during Malhar. The college besides gives a platform to pupils who are interested in theater to expose their endowments during the theatre festival -Ithaka. There are legion chances provided to the pupils to expose their endowments both on and off campus. Active encouragement and fiscal support is provided to the pupils for the same. Students are provided platforms to expose their managerial abilities by organizing Malhar, Ithaka & A ; Jan Fest- the one-year classical music concert held on campus each twelvemonth. Thus St. Xavier ‘s contrary to popular belief does n’t tend itself merely to

western values and art but encourages its pupils to be sensitive to other cultural and traditional signifiers of art. They have a strong sense of intent which is excellence in the Fieldss of faculty members and beyond.

4. Sensitivity to the less fortunate:

Bing an establishment run by Jesuit priests, St. Xavier ‘s has been really actively involved in the upliftment of less fortunate people and others with particular demands. They have a figure of societal societies on campus like the societal service conference that undertake blood contribution thrusts and visits to old age places on a frequent footing. This develops a sense of sensitiveness among the pupils to those who are n’t every bit blessed as them. In add-on to this, St. Xavier ‘s besides houses the Xavier ‘s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged ( XRCVC ) which provides equipment and other AIDSs for the visually challenged pupils to larn and do the whole procedure of acquisition, reading and composing easier. St. Xavier ‘s College therefore is an establishment that believes that universe category instruction is the right of people even with physical disabilities and undertakes attempts to understate the uncomfortableness they may see in a scene where everyone else does non confront the jobs they do. St. Xavier ‘s College has the Social Involvement Programme ( SIP ) which is a compulsory requirement to be eligible for the Honours Certificate at the terminal of Degree College. Under this programme pupils have dedicate a certain figure of hours per hebdomad working at non net income administration or set about any other signifier of societal work and keep a diary with their acquisitions from the same. St. Xavier ‘s College hence makes its pupils realise that for all that they are deriving from the society ; they are apt to give back something to it every bit good. Thus St. Xavier ‘s attempts to stress growing non merely in externally and mentally, but spiritually every bit good.

5. Mentorship

There is an informal mentorship plan in topographic point for all pupils at St. Xavier ‘s. No module or admin member is unaccessible to the pupils of the college. There is changeless counsel given from assorted people be it religious, career counsel or even reding. Students are invariably made aware of newer calling chances and are encouraged to hone their accomplishments in assorted Fieldss. They provide counsel non merely during the clip they are in college but besides after they pass out. The countries of treatment are non related merely to faculty members and callings but besides move beyond them like relationships and households. Professors behave more similar friends instead than instructors. The purpose of all unit of ammunition development of the pupils trickles down to the lowest degree of the instruction hierarchy, which is the purpose in about every student- instructor interaction. Therefore there is great tolerance for look which is ground they believe that it is cardinal to all unit of ammunition development of each pupil.

Dysfunctional Aspects of St. Xavier ‘s College

1. Lack of transparence at the clip of choice of voluntaries at Malhar.

The hierarchy at Malhar is such:


Vice President ( Conclave )

Vice President ( Management )

Vice President ( Events )


( Organising commission )


( Organising commission )


( Organising commission )








At the presidential and frailty presidential degree, appointment takes topographic points after the module members interview possible campaigners. Selection hence takes topographic point on the footing of virtue after sing the accomplishments and certificates of each campaigner. However as one moves lower in the hierarchy, choice is up to the discretion of the people merely above them. as a consequence assignment to the OC, OG and volunteer degree largely takes topographic point on the footing of favoritism. Malhar hence for rather some clip has had a bad name for the political relations underlying the choice process as there are no set regulations, guidelines or criterions for choice into the assorted verticals. Therefore erstwhile pupils are left reasonably confused as they have no grounds as to why they did non acquire into the sections of their pick. It is a small bewildering for the freshmans in the college, particularly because there is a batch of ambiguity in the choice process and they are non cognizant about what precisely needs to be done to acquire into the section of one ‘s pick.

2. No inn for girl pupils.

St. Xavier ‘s College is a really popular college for many aspirant pupils all over the state. There are many pupils who do non belong to Mumbai but come from every bit far as the North East and Kerala. This includes an equal mix of both male childs and misss. However they St. Xavier ‘s College does non hold commissariats for a misss ‘ inn on campus. Even during the yearss predating Malhar, when it is perfectly indispensable to hold manpower on campus to guarantee the smooth executing of the festival, permission is easy granted to boys to remain over on the campus, but non for adult females who are expected to look in the locality outside campus for adjustment. This is done because of some traditional and moral values that the Jesuit priests adhere to sacredly. They do non promote the intermingling of sexes beyond a certain point. And even though it may be troublesome for the girl pupils at times like these, they are rather unwilling to flex the regulations.

3. Excessively much emphasis and few seats for coveted specialisations

St. Xavier ‘s College is one of the best colleges for humanistic disciplines and scientific discipline in the state. However the figure of seats available for the most popular and in demand specialisations is really few. Therefore there is huge competition and emphasis in order to acquire those desired seats. The degree of emphasis is really high during the 2nd twelvemonth of Degree College which is the most important portion of the full 3 twelvemonth grade class. Students are expected to be actively involved in the section work, make paper presentations and excel in faculty members. A minor bug in any of these countries may be them a place in their pick of specialisation. Thus the degree of emphasis is really high during this period. It breeds competition among equals and creates and malaise which is merely placated merely after concluding choice.

4. Reservations

St. Xavier ‘s College being a Catholic establishment was built for the intent of functioning the minority Christian community. Under commissariats made by the cardinal authorities, educational establishments can reserve up to 50 % of their seats for minority communities. Therefore St. Xavier ‘s College besides applies the same and 50 % of the seats are reserved for the Christian community. This is a state of affairs that is prevailing among most other educational establishments in the metropolis. It creates an unjust advantage to those who belong to the peculiar community. In the same category there can be pupils who have n’t done every bit good in the same test and have been admitted because of the reserve system. The degree of accomplishment and intelligence is non the same among the pupils. And the same parametric quantities are non placed every bit for all pupils to derive admittance to a peculiar class.


ACTIONS Plans: 1. Lack of transparence in the choice process for Malhar:

a. Formalise a set of regulations, processs and pre- necessities indispensable in order to measure up for the assorted places at Malhar.

B. Have an admin/ module member preside over each choice process after college hours.

c. Undertake a preparation programme to sensitize the pupils higher up in the Malhar hierarchy to the assorted niceties and facets of the choice process. This would edify them on how to efficaciously choice people who would be an plus to the assorted verticals.

d. Establish a punitory system or a watchdog or some kind of feedback system in topographic point in order to guarantee that the set processs are being followed.

e. Conduct orientation Sessionss for the voluntaries on the procedure of choice and the people to near in instance the processs are n’t being followed.

f. However it is indispensable that the pupils in the organising commissions have some say in the choice process. There should ever be room for them to utilize their ain intuitions and discretion. Malhar should n’t go a centrally controlled administration as it has ever been a pupil tally organic structure in the college.

2. No inn for girl pupils.

a. foremost there is a great demand to edify both module and pupils on the principle behind the refusal to allow misss to remain overnight on campus.

b. a duologue must take topographic point between these parties seting frontward their concerns and grounds their several petitions and demands.

c. the disposals must see loosen uping the regulations under particular fortunes when it is perfectly indispensable that the miss pupils stay on campus. For case, the yearss predating Malhar & A ; Jan Fest.

d. The college must besides hold tie ups with assorted adult females ‘s ‘ inns in the locality and must help female pupil in geting adjustment. When a peculiar inn is vouched for by the direction of the college, the parents of these pupils are more likely to happen them dependable and will likely non worry about the safety and good being of their kids.

3. Excessively much emphasis and few seats for coveted specialisations

a. given the lifting sum of emphasis and the effects faced among pupils of standard ten percent and twelfth, it has become imperative that the college increase the figure of seats for the most popular and in demand specialisations. No individual should be denied a place in any specialisation since it is the inquiry of their callings and Markss obtained in an test are excessively shallow a determinant factor in enforcing a life altering determination on a peculiar campaigner.

b. it is indispensable to hold occasional briefing Sessionss on the advancement of each pupil during the full twelvemonth and allow him cognize his opportunities of doing it to the section of his pick. He/ she should be told explicitly of what are the necessary demands to acquire the specialisation.

c. the instructors must be trained to place marks of emphasis among the pupils and must seek professional aid ( which is available on campus ) lest it acquire worse.

d. professors must see cut downing the load on the pupils in footings of the figure of assignments and paper presentation which the pupil believe are compulsory to acquire the specialisations of their pick. Rather it would do sense to hold an aptitude trial and involvement trials at the terminal of the 2nd twelvemonth of college to seek the people who have the most aptitude and involvement in the specific country of survey.

4. Reservations

a. The college must forbear from holding a reserve system in topographic point as it does non make a flat playing field for all aspirers into a peculiar class. If St. Xavier ‘s purposes to be a universe category educational establishment it must take to seek the best heads in the state, which would merely be possible if all the pupils have the same degree of aptitude, intelligence and accomplishment.

B. Even if the college finds it perfectly indispensable to hold a reserve system in topographic point, in maintaining with the intent of constitution of the establishment, it is necessary for them to do certain that there is a minimal cut off of Markss obtained by the pupil in order to guarantee that the best heads who are par with each other are interacting in category. It seems a small unjust when a pupil with 70 % ( as a consequence of the reserve system ) is in the same category with the pupil who has scored 85 % and has struggled to hardly do it to the class. It would instill among the pupils a belief that difficult work is indispensable when 1 aims to rub shoulders with the best in the state in a prime establishment for humanistic disciplines and scientific disciplines in the state.

c. It would besides be good if St. Xavier ‘s had an independent aptitude test that for all aspirers to the assorted classs in the college. This would cut down any disagreement if any among people coming from assorted boards of instruction and among people using under different quotas. This creates a flat playing field for all aspirers and ensures that the college has selected campaigners after seting them through an in house dependable aptitude test.