A study on the term Continuous Professional Development

The intent of written this paper on uninterrupted professional development was as per the demand of the Executive Development Project faculty. In add-on to that it was a thirst to cognize how to better and broaden my cognition and accomplishments in order to develop a respectful quality personality in my personal and professional lives.

This study will exhibit and specify the witting updating of my professional cognition and personal characterises.

Restriction of the Report

The followers are some of the restriction faced while making my Continuous professional Development undertaking.

The fact some of my friends, relations and workmate are working on rotational bases, therefore it took me a batch of clip to set uping face-to-face interview.

Some of the Questionnaire feedback were received tardily.

Emotional embedded feedback from others.



The samples represented in this survey were gathered during the period between April and September, 2007. Questionnaires, Interviews, visits, Electronic Mail and SMS were used to obtain the needed information from a mixture of Family members, relations, friends, schoolmates, and workmate. Fifty completed questionnaires were returned out of 50, 10 SMS were received, 40 face-to-face interviews, ten phone interviews were conducted in add-on to 7 place visits.


An interview is an knowing interaction between individuals in which one individual seeks information from another individual. Interviews can take topographic point face-to-face or by other manners of personal interaction ( York, 1998 ) . As mentioned antecedently 40 face-to-face interviews and ten phone interviews were conducted. Normally when I needed to obtain information from directors, supervisor and people whom I do non cognize really good I used to make Face-to-face interviews. Equally good as there sometimes could be non-common inquiry, that you can non inquire everyone. The fact that I would be on the opposite rotary motion ( field employee ) with others co-workers I used to name them and transport on the interview via the phone. I did interviews, because some of my friends, relations and household do non talk or read English.


English and Arabic questionnaire were used due to the grounds presented earlier. Close-ended inquiries were used as this provided cooperation and more likely to acquire responses instead so the open-ended constructions. Even though answer picks were made available, respondent had the option of offering their ain responses at the terminal of the questionnaire as there were some of the open-ended inquiries.


Well you my inquire how did I used this method to garner the necessary information. Talking the fact, samples I illustrated above you can non acquire all informations that you need or they may hold thought of at that minute or by make fulling questionnaire. There could be missed points, so what I thought of is that whenever person remembers or something pup up in his head S/he would direct me SMS, good so it worked.

Electronic Mail

As it being an easy manner of distribution, I used E-mail for the intent of administering and garnering the questionnaires feedback.

About Myself

The below lines are non an rating of my personal, academic or professional calling, it is merely a background or an overview of myself as per the demands by the faculty.


Due to the crises occurred in Oman, anterior Sultan Qaboos bin Said crowned as a Sultan of Sultanate of Oman, many Omani travels around the universe ( India, Pakistan, Iran and East-Africa ) for the interest of populating a good life and concern every bit good. My male parent and my expansive male parent ( mother side ) were one of the people, who moved to Tanzania and got married at that place. There I was born ; I am Saud Ali Saleh Al-Omairi, born in 28th August, 1978 in East Africa- Tanzania in a little small town called ‘Sikonge ‘ – one of the six territories of the Tabora Region ” .

My female parent says that, I was named “ Nasser ” , but unluckily mundane I was a non-stop weeping machine, so they thought of altering my name to “ Saud ” due to that! Well it ‘s their myth, and I ca n’t reason with that, because so I stopped shouting. Another narrative that I could retrieve been told is that, when I was born I was so fat, that there was a competition, where I got the 2nd fattest baby award.

I get two sisters and I got four brothers, where I am the youngest of all. The fact of being the youngest of all, I been called “ Mother spoiled male child ” where everything I wanted it I could acquire it. We stayed in Tanzania boulder clay I was five old ages old, when my male parent decided, that it ‘s the clip to acquire back to Muscat in the twelvemonth of 1983.

Well we leaved in Athaibah-Muscat, in a rental wooden house for a twosome of old ages, and so we moved to Maabelah-Muscat in 1985. One of the things I could retrieve, that is at that place used to be merely one school, where my sister used to analyze in the forenoon and I used to travel to school in the afternoon. Well that was merely for a twosome of old ages, and the authorities built another school merely near by our house. Sing the school was near by, at break clip I used to leap the school walls and acquire back place for a fast repast and acquire back to school once more. One thing made me halt making that, is that one twenty-four hours I was have oning visible radiation places, so on my leap, underneath there was a broken bottle of coca Cola or ruddy vino I do n’t remember, what I do retrieve is that I was at the infirmary and my pes was stitched and a smack.

Prior 1990 my male parent slipped in the lavatory and felled on his dorsum and got paralysed, and died in 1990. By that clip I was eleven old ages old, merely four old ages subsequently my eldest brother got an accident, merely 2km off from place and died due to internal hemorrhage. So now I get three brothers and two sisters. I graduated from college in 1999 and straight started my first calling with National Bank of Oman. One twelvemonth subsequently, in 2000 I got married to my schoolmate ; good my eyes were spotted on her since the first twenty-four hours she walked into the schoolroom.

For the clip being I get one girl, she is four old ages old and a boy who is one twelvemonth and half. Well our first kid was a male child, but he died on the bringing.


I finished my secondary school class in 1996, but my class was non sufficient plenty for my to travel in university, so I entered Muscat Technical Industrial College ( High Technical College ( Now ) ) in Information Technology major, where I met my lovely married woman. When I entered the college my first aspiration was to graduate with high class and fall in the university as the first 10 in all college over Oman ( 5 colleges ) were given chances to finish their survey at the university. Well I did what I was into it I graduated with differentiation and got the 2nd topographic point. Looking to the fact where my household needed aid I stopped woolgathering about university and joined the work force in 1999. Well the chance came back once more to fall in the University as a portion clip survey, so in 1999 I entered the university and graduated in 2000. Now am making my MBA plan at university of Bedfordshire.


Talking about my professional calling, I have joined several companies during my professional calling. First during my survey at the college I worked at a Shell gasoline Station as a gasoline station adult male and the following twelvemonth I worked at Burger King, where my responsibilities were fixing sandwiched, cleaning and client services. When I graduated I joined the National Bank of Oman in 1999 as a coder.

Two old ages subsequently I joined Schlumberger Oilfield Company, where I challenge myself and professions as being an IT alumnus to work in a wholly different subject and became an oilfield specializer. Well the program did non travel good, I had an statement with our director due to our contract understanding, and so two old ages subsequently I resigned and stayed jobless for three month. After that as portion clip occupation I worked for a Forex Trade Market, where we used to merchandise on currency in the international market, another professions alteration for me.

Well two month subsequently I joined a populace sector ( public authorization for Social Assurance ) as a Computer Technician. Thingss did non travel good excessively as my attack was a private sector relation, where in Oman it is wholly different in public sector it is all about who is in control and commend. I did non like the state of affairs over at that place, so I got another chance at Gulf concern Machine ( IBM Distributor-Gulf part ) . Now am working at Occidental Oil and Gas ( Oman ) Ltd. is wholly-owned subordinates of Occidental Petroleum Corporation an international oil and gas geographic expedition and production company based in the United States and headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Critical Events, Activities and Experiences

Prior get downing analyzing my characteristic, behavior, old and current calling place and planning my calling development, foremost I thought to underscore some of the facts and most important event happened in my life in my sentiment, that altered my calling and life.


Looking for better chances

Vacating from Schlumberger, where I did non hold another occupation


Religious Beliefs.

Geting married at earlier age, 21.

Choosing between fall ining universities and fall ining the work force.

Joining the Karate Club.


Working while analyzing, Analyzing while working.

Making the MBA plan.

Analyse of Critical Event and Personality

A uninterrupted professional development log consists of a list of issues in my point of position that is related to my patterned advance in development. This log subsequently is used to make a development docket. Therefore in order to make my CPD log I followed stairss as suggested by Megginson and Whitaker, 2007, which I founded convenient for me to analyze some of the facts, my characterises, personality, professions and my personal life.


There is ever restraint in everyone ‘s calling patterned advance and life ; there could be some rear instances, where the way is widely opened.

Skills shortages

Bing short in accomplishments was non a wall which stood against my development patterned advance, am a ego confident and I do believe in my accomplishments capableness.

Repairing indistinctness

A good illustration illustrated by Megginson and Whitaker, 2007 in Big Rock Story, it ‘s about the order I put the things into my life, put the large things foremost, so the small 1s can suit subsequently. When I was analyzing in school I did non hold a proper program for myself the lone things that were on my docket were as follow:

Joining University

Join Work Force

Geting Married/Kids

Construct a house

Now my Agenda is:

Construct a house

Completing My Study – Ph.d.

Professional Development – Management

Professional Development – Supervision

Completing My Study – Master in business


“ Our attitude towards life has a great impact on our professional advancement. We can alter through taking our attitude, attitude are learned and can be changed over clip. ” “ ( Megginson and Whitaker, 2007 ) ” .

100 % of the responses indicated that am an debater in most of the treatments particularly non-work related issues. This attitude ever drives me toward a defensive communicating wonts in most of the times.

Precedences foremost and Preventing cunctation

Our faith encouraged us to make alterations in our ego foremost so others, how you can alter person else if you do n’t alter yours foremost. Traveling back on my calling development I did detain my university survey to fall in the work force that was due to household demands. Well someway I managed to transport on my surveies while working, because I committed my ego and still toward a mark that is planned.

Succeeding for ego

I do non normally seek for person sentiment to cognize if am successful or non, or look what person has achieved. I do see my ego successful if I do what is supposed to make honestly and in proper manner, every bit good if I meet my program agenda. My parents did non pull my way so I would be a pilot, physician or an applied scientist. They gave me the pick to make what I believe in, I achieve my definition of success non person else ‘s definition.

Well in seeking the sentiment on the above, 70 % responded that am seldom influenced by others, 20 % ever, 30 % non at all.

Populating the nowadayss

In interviews I wanted to cognize how frequently I talked about the happy and bad minutes in my life. Without been surprised by the replies, 95 % replied that I ever mentioned the happy minutes and hated discoursing on bad 1s. 5 % replied that I talked about it every bit. I do believe in one thing, allowing travel bad minutes we can give full attending to the present. If our clip is spent on declinations and we are focused on the past, we have less attending and energy to research our hereafter development and to inquire ‘what can I make today that will heighten my hereafter calling? ‘ solutions-focused attacks to development assist us to acquire off from a deficit-oriented attack to the yesteryear and are progressively used in coachng ( Berg and Szabo, 2005 ) and in alteration direction ( Jackson and McKergow, 2002 ) .

Developing An ‘Extraordinarily Realistic Self-Image ‘

The precedence that we give to any issue depends on how relevant that topic is to us.

In order for me to place where I need to set energy into my ain development, its necessary to develop what ( Inglis, 1994 ) calls an “ ERSI ” . The end product of this consideration of where I stand now will be my development needs to be addressed.

As defined by ( Megginson and Whitaker, 2007 ) colleting informations to make ERSI will necessitate my attending to the undermentioned beginnings:

Work itself

Contemplation by ego

Feedback from others

Individual psychometric and self-diagnostic steps

Organizational prosodies

Professional prosodies – the CPD scanner.

Work Itself

This will help me to measure how much I enjoy my current function and to research how I see my calling at the minute.

Pinch points at work

Sing the current place where am I now, I can underscore some of the issues that are faced.

It is really rear for me to acquire feedback or counsel from my superior, unless there is critical state of affairs needed to be resolved. Erstwhile I would pass the whole hebdomads at my office desk without a visit by my superior or a call.

Our appraisal is normally done 1s a twelvemonth and it is a really short sum of clip I spend it with my superior and discuses issues every bit good as my development program, which is unluckily merely words in paper. Since my last appraisal which was on February, 2007 boulder clay now nil was discussed between me and my superior about my development which was program in my assessment sheet in twelvemonth 2007.

Using my cognition and accomplishments is another facet where it is missed. I could state in my current place am merely utilizing 50 % of my accomplishments and cognition.

Can these be resolved?

Well talking the fact it is the fact that am being populating it for two old ages now, and other employees every bit good. In my sentiment most of the above issues is related to direction line, and alterations could be done I do non intend by altering direction, but heightening the manner things are carried out is the most convenient manner to work out issues.

Foaming in the stretch zone

Exerting activity on fizzing in the stretch zone by ( Megginson and Whitaker, 2007 ) to place my calling tableland. My mark was 18, which indicated that am in demand to place what can I make otherwise to increase my work self-esteem. Am at the comfort zone, where I am on day-to-day work modus operandi nil is exciting. It ‘s been long clip since I been in the stretch zone where I felt work exhilaration, therefore a demand for a alteration will be important. A hebdomadal reappraisal advancement will be helpful.

Career metaphor.

The best Metaphor that could depict my calling is ‘Nomad ‘ or ‘Bedouin ‘ or what we call them in Middle East ‘Badu ‘ . Bedouin travel by camel from oasis to oasis, following a traditional manner of life. This metaphor represent they manner my calling was, I tend to often alter my professional calling from one place to another, that in my sentiment helped me in deriving more accomplishments and experience.

Changing professions ever excite me, where I tend to make what I was non making earlier. As antecedently reference in my life background I had a series of highs and depressions in my calling. I used to be a coder so a Field technician, where I used to be in higher place and gain much higher so when I was in the populace sector.

Although that is the cause of altering professions where you tend to seek new things, but my wagess are the experience I have gained, which lead me to better gaining. Now I feel that am in demand of a steady calling development in upward patterned advance.

Development issues emerging from contemplation

Johari Window

Johari window is a psychological tool created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955, used to assist people better understands their interpersonal communicating and relationships. It is used chiefly in self-help groups and corporate scenes ( wikipedia ) . In 2006 I attended a class on Leadership ; one of the things was as an exercising for us to work on Johari Window. The following were on the unsighted country:

Team Subscriber

Short Temper – written 3 times

Defensive attitude


Bing Magnificent?

What ‘s halting me from being brilliant? I believe the followers are the restraints that limit me public presentation, that halt me from being magnificent.

Not being able to use all my accomplishments and experience

Not being able to demo my capablenesss.

Working environment – Mural is Zero

No Opportunities.

Short vision of my current place by the direction.

Purpose and values and Self-actualisation

My chief intent and value are distinguished between place and work the patterned advance toward superior or line direction way is my work purpose. Establishing a respectful and friendly household relationship is my place value. They are my principle points along my development all the manner.

It is ill-defined where am I heading toward my development calling. There is nil excite me that indicate a patterned advance. Presently in my place am a Sr. proficient technology helper, where I have reached the maximal allowable class in this place, therefore my purposes would halt over here if I continued my calling at the same place. Be disbursement clip making what is expected for me to make accomplishing one undertaking after another.

( Maslow, 1943 ) came with the impression of ‘self-actualisation ‘ – the province at the top of his hierarchy of demands where a individual is so engaged in an activity that they lose all path of clip. Now I feel like am losing my intent, which lead to work emphasis.


Contemplation is an chance to look into out our personal and professional congruity ( Megginson and Whitaker, 2007 ) . Through out my calling clip, I have experienced minutes ( reference antecedently ) , that turns the manner I used to believe. It made believe twice and sagely before I could do a determination, that ‘s why the wont of vacillation in doing determination is ever in me.

Contemplation had an impact in my life every bit good as my calling the undermentioned summarize this:


Looking for better chances – Frequently Career Change ( Job Change ) through out where I have gained more accomplishments and experience, that allowed me be capablenesss of managing assorted organisational places and undertakings.

Vacating from Schlumberger, where I did non hold another occupation – Here I learned how to take duties and do good thought-out of my determinations. Learned to judge the effects of my actions, that could impact my calling and life every bit good.


Religious Believes – kept me off from being enrolled into mobsters and drugs issues, as of I lived in a really corrupted country ( Maabelah ) , where two of my friends died as they were involved in drug concern.

Geting married at earlier age – lead me to be more accountable in my actions, determination devising, and duties.

Choosing between fall ining university and fall ining the work force – Achieving my ends is non ever should be person ‘s else ends, although I did joined the work force to assist my household, but that was my pick non a household petition, as I believed that I there would be another chance to fall in the university.

Joining the Karate Club – taught me self subject, order, self assurance, and squad work.


Working while analyzing, Analyzing while working – guided me to be more self committedness toward my undertakings and duties.


This mirror fulfillment with personal feedback, particularly information workers receive about their public presentation and how they are being judged.

Deriving appropriate feedback

In our organisation feedback on our calling development and public presentation is a paper-based employment formal process called the one-year assessment “ Enhancement Organizational Performance ( EOP ) ” , no certain survey has been carried out by the organisation to verify if it ‘s work or no, or is it truly applied as per the demand. I do n’t experience like am acquiring the right feedback on my development from my superior, it ‘s like a Christmas merely happens one time a twelvemonth.

That was about my professions feedback, sing my life and personal feedback I intended to interview and oppugning people who know me good, and have experienced batch of things with me, like co-workers, friends, household and relations.

Questionnaire and Interview Feedback

It ‘s truly surprised my how sometime you do n’t cognize about yourself, people may see things on you that ‘s you are n’t cognizant of. I think I would go on research my ego through this techniques as it acquire some of the facts and world am losing. The undermentioned summarized the collected feedback from questionnaire and interviews

Arguer, defensive attitude and Hard to be convinced

Sensitive, emotional and short pique

Self confident

Barely determination shaper


Open head and Out traveling

Friendly, sort, helpful and Cheerful

Social Man

Hard worker, Team Player, Clever and Talent individual.

Great Karate Player

Care about others more than himself

Never say ‘No ‘ if he can make something


Self-Assessment Prosodies

Prosodies can enable us to cognize more about ourselves, to understand others better and to a limited extent can assist us put an docket for personal alteration in constructing a realistic image of my ego, prosodies can be utile.

Personality Models

Personality models, nevertheless, do non show a direct docket for alteration. Additionally, it is really hard and mostly bootless to endeavor to alter our personality. Therefore to analyze my personality I shall necessitate to acquire feedback from others, to make so I will give you some of the feedback from my household, relations, friends, co-workers, workmate and directors. In add-on to that I have done a good know Dr.Phill Test every bit good as another trial called “ Jung Typology Test – ENFJ ( Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging ) ” , the consequences were as below:

Dr. Phil Test.

My consequence was 38 and as per analyse of the consequences indicate that others see me as sensible, cautious, careful & A ; practical. They see me as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a individual who makes friends excessively rapidly or easy, but person who ‘s highly loyal to friends you do do and who expect the same trueness in return. Those who truly acquire to cognize me recognize it takes a batch to agitate your trust in your friends, but every bit that it takes me a long clip to acquire over if that trust is of all time broken.

Largely I do agree with Dr.Phil, this truly depict my characteristic and my personality analyse, but some how there is something I do n’t experience like applies to me which is the manner I do do friends, good in my sentiment I feel I get really rapidly or easy with people. Traveling back to my questionnaire and interviews I did inquire about how do they believe about the manner a get along with people. Responses were 95 % responded that am a societal adult male, 3 % lone and 2 % non certain! . 100 % responded easy can acquire along with me, 0 % barely.

Jung Typology Test.

This trial is based on Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typological attack to personality. The consequences showed that my personality type is somewhat expressed extrovert 22 % , reasonably expressed intuitive personality 25 % , distinctively expressed feeling personality 62 % , which is same is Dr.Phil analyse every bit good as my findings. And last am somewhat expressed judgment personality 1 % .

Personality theoreticians suggest, to come to footings with how we are and to acknowledge what our type can convey to our chosen work.

Organizational Prosodies

This is where we measure our ain demands and aspirations in footings of professional criterions and organisational outlooks

Organizational Goals

The nucleus capablenesss required and which defined in EOP- Enhancemnet Organizational Performance are as follow:

Understanding the organisational aims and ends – In footings of Production ( Oil, Gas, Water )

Enhancing the overall public presentation utilizing concern operational tool and techniques

Our personal Agenda as predefined for us:

Continuous Improvement.




New operational tools introduced to the field.

Awareness of the available resources and their capablenesss.


Training is required.

Leadership Competence

Leadership is the accomplishment of a end through the class of human helpers. The adult male who successfully gather together his human team-mate to accomplish peculiar terminals is a leader. A great leader is one who can make so twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours, and twelvemonth after twelvemonth, in a broad assortment of fortunes. ( Harvard Business Review, 2004 ) .

Most leaders believe in short footings about ain leading manner. To develop your leading ability, nevertheless, you need to be more cognizant of how you lead.

A leader is person who influence others. We all have an image of a leader. you may hold heard the myth that “ Leaderships are Born, Not Made! ” However, legion leading surveies and plans have shown that persons with a desire to make so, can take stairss to larn, pattern and better their leading capablenesss and develop into leaders.

The undermentioned high spots on my leading competencies, through out the leading manner trial I did.

Trial 1. Leadership

Leadership Style Questionnaire can be found at ( www.exsel.mtu.edu ) .

A Well representative trial on leading manner, the trial is divided into subdivision

Leadership Questionnaire

My mark were 12 Phosphorus: Concern for people and 4 Thymine: Concern for Task. By pulling a consecutive line to exemplify an intersection where my shared leading manner is. The point was 8 where it bespeak as of being an bossy and Individualistic leading manner, by intend a high morale and productiveness leading.

What Kind of Animal am I? ( Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever or Beaver )

My highest ocular point was 29 Otter and 29 Golden Retriever that concluded:

Understing the Key O ( Otter ) and I ( Golden Retriever )

Influencing and steadiness manner

My basic Motivation: acknowledgment, blessing, relationships and grasp – this truly reflect the demand which am losing.

Desires state of affairss allow: chance to assist others, chance to actuate people, platform to verbalise thoughts, holding clearly defined ends and the stairss to make them and being portion of a squad.

Responds best to other who: allows them to work at their ain gait, provide personal support, democratic and friendly and provide acknowledgment of abilities.

Needs to larn that: clip control helps, deadlines are of import, alteration can supply chance, you can be: best friends ” with everybody and listening to others is great, but sharing their ain demands and feelings is of import.

Behavioral Inclinations:

Optimistic and people oriented

Socially oriented, emotionally energetic

Motivated by: trueness, societal acknowledgment: demand company and group support.

Basic Fear: rejection, disapproval in relationships, undertaking unfavorable judgment ( I frequently interpret this as personal rejection ) , and loss of stableness

Restriction: unorganized in carry throughing undertakings, possessiveness and attachment to codification of order and desire for tranquility bounds my ability to move resolutely or face hard state of affairss.

I do strongly hold with the trial as it truly reflect my leading behavior and personality

Trial 2. Leadership

Leadership Style Questionnaire can be found at ( hypertext transfer protocol: //ocha.unog.ch ) ; hypertext transfer protocol: //ochaonline.un.org/ ; United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

This trial illustrate the manner I do use my leading manner ( directing, democratic, and non-directive/Delegative ) which reflect my tendency in a specific state of affairs.

As pervious trial illustrated it ‘s seems like I am acute to democratic “ concern for people ” in my leading manner, beside to non-directive/ Delegative manner

Here I found out that I am largely democratic or emergent, this is an indicant for me to work harder on developing my other side of manner – Directing Style.

SWOT Analysiss

Sing old analyses indicating on SWOT analysis, this will foreground on my strengths and failings every bit good as the chances and menaces.


My positives facets in being

Experienced and Educated

Team work, good proficient ( computing machine, oil field ) and administrative accomplishments.

Talented, good contact web.


My negative facets in being

Short pique and debater

Fear of rejection.

Lack of directing leading accomplishments


In procedure of heightening my academic instruction and profession accomplishments ( chance for patterned advance )


Lack of developing provide by my employer.

No farther class in my current place unless I change the station.

Prioritizing demands and Selection.

World category me

World category me is the consideration of all facets of life including work-related and personal-related countries as good. Thingss outside work can act upon indirection or straight to our work and the other manner around excessively. My universe category is non perfect, as my way is toward carry throughing things merely, I need to come on my profession. In add-on I need to settle my household at our ain house non rental, where there is ever a opportunity of motion from one topographic point to another, by which my household got fed up. There is mess someway, need for focal point is required ( profession and personal ) .

Interview Myself

My ideal occupation is working for an organisation which cares more about staff development, ideal working environment ( diversion, societal activity, amusement ) . These are simple needs a field employee requires as of being working in desert off from the household.

Goals and Plans

Some people love programs and other hatred it, some people are contrivers and other emergent. By exerting the activity ‘Planned or Emergent Learning ‘ my tonss were Planned:23 and Emergent:25. This placed me at Sage, that illustrate my ability to happen my ain development.

My CPD Log.

By the information gathered from old discussed headers, I would sum up my CPD Log as follow:


Reasons for making CPD:

Chiefly because been asked to – CPD Module demand.

Interesting to cognize where you stand and to construct you development ( Need for Change ) .

Transformation Restriction:

Arguer, defensive and short-temper

Lack of support and counsel from my Superior


The demand for alteration to an organisation which has more attentions about the employees.


‘Nomad ‘ or ‘Bedouin ‘ – Seeking better chances


Superior Role and Line direction, but it is ill-defined in my current place patterned advance.

Feedback: This what I feel need alteration

Arguer, defensive communicating attitude, difficult to convert, short pique, difficult determination shaper, and Never say ‘No ‘ .


Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs, Dr. Phil – Need control of my emotion

Organizational Goal:

Doubt about uninterrupted betterment scheme

CPD Scanner and Core competences:

More pattern on Directing Leadership manner

World Class me

Continuous professional development ( MBA-PhD )

Construct a house

Interview Myself

Working for an organisation which cares more about staff development and ideal working environment


Emotions: The demand for take downing my emotions ( self control ) , as I often act emotionally.

Planned and Emergent

P:23 ; E:25 – Now I do n’t experience like a Sage

Widen or Intensify

Widen my experience – Leadership, direction

Prioritizing demands and Selection.

Having thought about the ends and precedence of my CPD log, I have shortened the list to the undermentioned precedence as of my sentiment to be more committed on my ends.

CPD Log Precedences

Transformation Restriction:

Arguer, defensive and short-temper

Feedback: This what I feel need alteration

Arguer, defensive communicating attitude, difficult to convert, short pique.

Overcome Arguing wont and defensive communicating attitude

Overcome and Control my short pique

World Class me

Continuous professional development ( MBA-PhD )

Join MBA Program and PhD

World Class me

Construct a house

Construct my ain House

CPD Scanner and Core competences:

More pattern on Directing Leadership manner

Widen or Intensify

Widen my experience – Leadership, direction

Seek for ways of bettering my leading and direction accomplishments

Organizational Goal:

Doubt about uninterrupted betterment scheme

Get update on employee development at work


The demand for alteration to an organisation which has more attentions about the employees.

Interview Myself

Working for an organisation which cares more about staff development and ideal working environment


Superior Role and Line direction, but it is ill-defined in my current place patterned advance

See Changing my profession calling or Administrations


‘Nomad ‘ or ‘Bedouin ‘ – Seeking better chances

Need of a steady calling development in upward patterned advance.

Transformation Restriction:

Not being able to use all my accomplishments and experience and demo my capablenesss.

Develop a better apprehension of my accomplishments and capablenesss to my superior

Development program

The below tabular array sum up my development program procedure.

Development program


Saud Ali Saleh Al-Omairi

Covering THE Time period FROM:




What do I want/need to larn?

What will I make to accomplish this?

What resources or support will I necessitate?

What will my success standards be?

Target day of the months for reappraisal and completion


Construct my ain House

Buy Land

Get technology designs

Construct the house

Money and Land

Populating in our ain private house with my lovely household

April – 09

Overcome and Control my short pique

Try to acquire touch with a psychologist who specialises in choler direction.

Attend choler direction lessons.

Quick to humble myself and apologise.

Practice Yoga.

Apply Relaxation techniques such as speculation.

Research and use on choler direction.

Time, Library, computing machine entree, cyberspace, money, self committedness

Feedbacks that I have lowered my short temper attitude


Overcome Arguing wont and defensive communicating attitude

Not passing considerable clip debating, justifying, and explicating.

Respond alternatively in a prosaic mode.

Take lessons on communicating accomplishments.

Read about communicating accomplishments.

Time, Library, computing machine entree, cyberspace, money

Feedbacks that I have lowered my reasoning wont



PhD plan

Coordinate with academic establishments

Time and Money, academic establishments

Its due to me in how to reflect on what I have learnt and how I might utilize it in future



New operational tools introduced to the field ( LOWIS ) – Production Automation Software

Attend a class that will be Provide by the organisation

Installation of the package on my office computing machine.

Bing able to use the accomplishment learnt.

Enhancing the overall public presentation

Jan – 08

Develop a better apprehension of my accomplishments and capablenesss to my superior

I will hold to discourse this with my superior

The appropriate treatment clime with my director, so both of us would understand the other side point of position and appropriate options could be considered.

Agreed point on how to use my accomplishments.


Seek for ways of bettering my leading and direction accomplishments

Read books, magazine, shop web sites about leading and direction

Attend classs. ( MBA plan )

Practice more leading function

Time, Library, computing machine entree, cyberspace, money,

Successful taking ability


Need of a steady calling development in upward patterned advance.

My old professions were towards deriving experience in assorted country, now it clip for a steady profession which is now am concentrating on Administration and direction

Administration and Management chances

Derive more superior function

More engagement in line direction day-to-day activities


Lack of support and counsel from my Superior

My contact with my supervisor been really limited and I feel a spot confused on my superior counsel and aid, hence I think this has to halt and be more synergistic.

Support from my superior

More Interaction

Lighting the spread between me and my superior.


Development record

My development record is to assist me in keep trailing of my professional calling, academic and personal development it a life long larning. The development record sheet allows me to capture, path, and supervise my ain advancement. It is a trailing of what I have done and the acquisition I gained from it.

Development record


Saud Ali Saleh Al-Omairi

Covering THE Time period FROM:




Key day of the months

What did you make?


What did you larn from this?

How have/will you use this?

Any farther action?



Graduated with a differentiation

Pre-requisition prior fall ining the university

The Willing to Join the University

There is ever restraints in accomplishing your ends overcome them, and you shall be rewarded.

The program was to fall in the university


Studied while working in National Bank of Oman ( University )

To obtain my HND

You can accomplish what you are willing to if you are commitment to it.

The importance of doing clip.

I got pleasance from this experience as I met new co-workers and friends.

I got better professions chances

Continuous academic patterned advances towards higher grades


Did my CPD undertaking

Chiefly because been asked to – CPD Module demand.

Interesting to cognize where you stand and to construct you development ( Need for Change ) .

By making my CPD it truly motivated me to take this duty more earnestly in my calling development and life.

The exercising was truly valuable to me and I have gained great accomplishments on how to better myself

It has widened my skyline ideas and enabled me to believe more healthy.


Making My MBA Program

Purpose of Academic and calling patterned advance

Fostering my Surveies.

I have been looking frontward to foster my surveies and progress my profession. This gave me the chance I needed to happen out what I would necessitate to make

Significantly it touched base on my demand for Management Skills

Ongoing acquisition

To reflect the acquisition gained in my life and professions calling

Stairss frontward to superior and direction places.



Got Married

Establish a household

Answer to the call of nature

Duty and Patience

Get childs and set up a household, Stable live.

Greater emotional support and Increase my capableness for salvaging


Sep -1999

Joined work force after graduating, although there was a opportunity to fall in the university

To assist my household

Need for the money

Think about others beside your aspirations


I did fall in the university


challenge myself and professions as being an IT alumnus to work in a wholly different subject and became an oilfield specializer

The demand to make something different and to show my ability in other countries.

Oil field accomplishments ( Drilling, work-over, completion )

Got in touch with different nationalities as I worked in different states

I use this accomplishments in my current station


Vacating from Stumberger without holding a secure occupation

had an statement with my director due to my contract understanding

Think out side the box, there will be other whom may acquire consequence by your actions.

I will take much consideration prior doing determination that may impact others.

Never repeat the same.


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