Analysis Of Global Warming And El Nino Environmental Sciences Essay

Global heating is by and large considered to be an increased heating of the Earth ‘s temperature degrees due to human influence ( i.e. C dioxide emissions – pollution ) i.e. CO2 emanations ( along with other nursery gasses ) are the chief causes of planetary heating.

However, the nursery consequence is warming of the Earth that occurs of course between the lower ambiances and has to make with natural radiation ( ‘natural ‘ in footings of free from human influence ) departure and come ining the Earth ‘s ambiance.

Here is a table demoing the chief types of nursery gasses:




Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFC ‘s )

Deodorant spray tins, froth packaging, iceboxs etc.

Contributed by human influence

Carbon Dioxide

( CO2 )

Burning of fossil fuels ( oil, coal and gasoline )

Naturally produced although worsened by human influence

Methane ( CH4 )

Gas released by landfills etc.

Naturally produced with a grade of human influence

Azotic Oxide ( N2O )

Consequences of firing fossil fuels

Contributed by human influence

Water Vapour

Natural nursery gas produced by vaporization

Naturally produced

The changeless combustion of fossil fuels ( i.e. pollution ) due to human activity is doing the atmosphere heater and heater. What is feared by many administrations is that planetary heating will finally do the polar ice caps to get down to run, which will raise ocean H2O degrees and inundation lands all over the universe.


Does relation be between planetary heating and natural processes/systems such as El Nino and is planetary warming a lending factor to the deterioration of these natural procedures?

Introduction TO THESIS

The relationship between El Nino and Global Warming is presently a scientific phenomenon and there is barely any physical grounds to indicate out a conjectural theory.

Although research done by climatologists and scientists points out a big likeliness or possibility of human-initiated planetary warming holding an consequence on the natural procedures of El Nino.

El Nino, intending “ Small Boy ” in Spanish, is defined as a natural alteration in conditions forms, peculiarly alterations in rain and ocean temperatures which are attendant in air wet patterns to do the Earth to heat up, although at a controlled and safe gait.

Global heating although is a wholly different instance as this is a human-attributable procedure which is busy destructing the Earth. The inquiry hence becomes “ Has planetary heating caused El Nino to ‘over-intensify ‘ and could the definition of this natural procedure become an Unnatural environmental factor? ”

Kevin Trenberth, a good – recognised climatologist, has been seeking to look into possible leads to scientific grounds for old ages now and the administrations around the universe are patiently expecting a new find in order to undertake planetary heating with a bigger apprehension of its connexion with the natural heating of the Earth, El Nino.


My hypothesis is hence that as worlds continue to administer more and more harmful pollution gasses ( such as C dioxide, azotic oxide, methane and CFCs ) , the greater consequence it has and is traveling to hold on the natural procedures of El Nino because of their similar and closely linked features.


Theories from separate parties

Scientists and climatologists from the NCAR Climate and Global Dynamics Division such as Kevin Trenberth and De-Zheng Sun have been printing a theory that suggests that El Nino is likely a manner of moving as a “ force per unit area release valve ” for when the Torrid Zones see excessively much heat as the procedure shifts the warm currents off from the Torrid Zones and into the Pacific Ocean. Their thesis is hence that IF the lifting ocean temperatures become unmanageable in the hereafter, so planetary heating must hold caused this “ force per unit area release valve ” to go purposeless and do El Nino events more terrible.

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Some other theories include studies and surveies by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) which province that the increased land temperatures due to planetary heating cause more vaporization, which in bend creates more H2O vapor which worsens catastrophes related to H2O and El Nino. [ Ref: hypertext transfer protocol: // ]

The closely linked features of El Nino and planetary heating is what I want to turn out in this undertaking and here is some sets of informations to compare the effects of planetary heating and El Nino severally.

GLOBAL Heating

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Personal theory/analysis

Interpretation of graphs

In the planetary heating graph, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 is bit by bit increasing and is acquiring higher in the twenty-first Century ( i.e. 2000+ ) . This means that human part is increasing CO2 degrees because as the human population increases the higher CO2 degrees are mounting.

On the El Nino graph, I have physically drawn in a consecutive line to exemplify the lifting ocean temperatures between the twelvemonth 2000 and 2008. Another factor that suggests that ocean temperatures are acquiring heater is how close the zigzags in the graph are going. They are besides increasing as the anomalousnesss in temperature are no longer demoing in the negative ( cold ) , but are acquiring higher into the hot zone.

A relationship must look to be between planetary ocean temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentration because both graphs are demoing similar consequences at the same clip periods.

For the El Nino graph, the warm H2O volume and depth mean temperature reached their highest ( on norm ) between the old ages 2000 and 2008 which evidently means that El Nino has become bit by bit more influential and frequent into the twenty-first Century.

This therefore indicates that the natural procedures of El Nino are going more intense and is likely to so be linked to human behavior ( planetary heating ) as it is proportionately increasing aboard planetary heating figures.

Personal Theory

The increased C dioxide in the ambiance is warming the Earth at a rapid gait which must most likely include land AND ocean. Therefore planetary heating has an indirect consequence on El Nino as badness of inundations, storms and other natural catastrophes seem to acquire worse as clip goes by.

The relationship is non needfully accurate although because the enormousness of the ocean makes it rather hard for climatologists to acquire “ custodies on figures ” sing warm ocean current motions in the Pacific Ocean ( where El Nino ‘s largely take topographic point ) and it is hard to divide the information into “ Human Influence ” or “ Natural INFLUENCE ” .


The information on page 6 points out POSSIBLE grounds to corroborate a relationship between planetary heating and El Nino. My hypothesis therefore MAY BE correct as there are three different theories mentioned in the text that may stand as possible signifiers of cogent evidence.

To generalize these theories, I would foretell that over the following 20 old ages more information will be available for climatologists and scientists to use and concrete grounds to turn out a DEFINITE nexus between planetary heating and El Nino is likely to be discovered.

To accommodate to this planetary phenomenon, worlds earnestly need to get down sing ways in which to cut down our C footmark because Oklahoman or subsequently, natural procedures like El Nino are traveling to go UN-natural and UN-controllable.

The analysis of the El Nino graph is non needfully accurate because really the most outstanding alteration in ocean temperatures happened in 1996 which could perchance confute the nexus between El Nino and planetary heating.

The rise in atmospheric CO2 does non needfully intend it will impact ocean H2O temperatures.

Scientists do non cognize Yet the full extent planetary heating might hold on El Nino and all the theories are simply deliberate presumptions.It is hard to distinguish between the parts of the warm ocean currents to sort “ natural influence ” or “ human influence ” .