Definitions of objectives and plans


All administrations need to put aims and programs. Therefore it is really of import for all administrations, including mine to put these aims and programs. Polyflor understands the importance of puting aims and programs for their administration as it is something to work towards and in order to win they need to follow these aims and programs. Besides these programs will assist with alterations that occur.

Definitions of aims and programs

Lashkar-e-taibas first expression at what aims and programs mean for Polyflor S.A and how they can profit from them. What is Objectives? Basically a aim is a intent or criterion that can be achieved within a certain clip period, with the available resources. An aim is broader than a end as it may include a figure of ends. Aims are the tools for all planning and strategic activities. Aims serve as a basic policy. It allows them to analyze their public presentation, so therefore it binds the administration together Objectives ( n.d ) .

Now let ‘s look at programs and what they entail. Aims and programs are in similar. Merely programs are at that place for future actions to be taken in order to accomplish ends and therefore achieve aims. Plans need to state how its traveling to be done, when its traveling to be done, who is traveling to make it and what needs to be really done. When Polyflor do their programs they look at what the best instance, what is expected and the worst instance. Therefore Polyflor will put aims so set programs in order to accomplish those aims Plans ( n.d ) .

Aims of Polyflor:

  • The chief aim of Polyflor is to keep long-run net income
  • Satisfy clients demands and wants
  • To offer high quality merchandises and services
  • Not merely supply merchandises and services but give the client an experience
  • They believe in “ squad work ” to win, therefore they strive to hold all employers and employees work together
  • Keep it a household concern attitude within the concern
  • Have a dedicated gross revenues force
  • Have the best proficient support in the industry
  • Have all staff exhaustively educated about merchandises and services
  • To be as “ green ” as possible, significance to be environmentally friendly.

Plans of Polyflor:

  • Have extended fiscal planning within the administration
  • Plans to spread out as a company to African states
  • Plans to hold more corporate societal investings, so Polyflor is desiring to give more to the community. They be aftering to donate shocking to authorities infirmaries
  • Plans to spread out their merchandises. So hold other merchandises other than shocking. Polyflor has introduced drains and such merchandise to their list of merchandises
  • To hold more environmentally friendly merchandises. So holding shocking made out of recycled goods. Example runing down old Surs and doing them into gum elastic tiles
  • There are programs to hold more squad edifice exercisings to see that their employers and employees bond and hence work better together
  • Plans to hold preparation and development programmes in order to maintain their staff up to day of the month. Therefore they will make the best proficient support
  • To run into the demands and wants of their clients

Change happens all the clip. Therefore it is really of import to take alteration into consideration with the concern. So Polyflor has to be on top of any alterations that may happen and take the necessary programs to acquire through them. Therefore Polyflor has to hold programs to integrate into the concern when alteration happens or is traveling to go on. They must use these alterations in order to better.

Some programs would be that clients demands and wants are ever altering therefore it is critical to cognize what their demands and wants are. If Polyflor does n’t hold what the clients want or need they will turn elsewhere. Therefore it would be in the best involvement of Polyflor to ever cognize their clients ‘ demands and wants and integrate it into their programs to let them to better.

There are alterations go oning all the clip. And one alteration that can be large for Polyflor particularly being in this industry knows the new technological promotions. They should place them and utilize it in their programs and see it as a good alteration. It could intend new scope of merchandises and services or bing 1s but merely made better. All this could open up a new market of fulfilling people ‘s demands and wants, or can fulfill bing clients even better. Besides seeing alterations in technological promotions will let Polyflor to be kept up to day of the month. That they can maintain their staff educated and besides be the best proficient support in the industry.

The natural environment around us is besides altering and it is refering that resources are being used up. Therefore this alteration in the environment can be incorporated into the programs of Polyflor to better. So they should see this alteration as an chance and do the company “ green ” . Polyflor should offer more environmentally friendly merchandises, such made from recycled goods. There is an increasing rate for a “ green ” market. So they should look at this alteration, as a batch topographic points like purchasing “ green ” merchandises, besides it will give Polyflor a good name as they seem to be environmentally friendly.

Polyflor should hold some sort of specializer that can pick up all alterations go oning, internally and externally. The specializer should be able to pass on these alterations and integrate them into programs that manner the company will non be harm by them but will better by them.


The chief aim for any concern is to do a net income. They ca n’t merely do a net income without making anything, puting aims and puting programs to accomplish aims will let them to win. As you can see Polyflor has a figure of aims and programs, which I do believe they are accomplishing. When it comes to alterations, Polyflor takes into history any alterations and uses them to better.


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