Educate Children At Tcf Education Essay

On behalf of the generousness of Target International, the United Way worldwide grant enabled TCF to supply 168 kids with quality instruction for the academic twelvemonth 2012-2013. These kids come from hapless countries of Pakistan, populating in wretchedness and unpleasantness with limited chances for them to acquire instruction. This grant helped TCF in acquiring these kids off the streets and into the schoolroom, assisting create agents of alteration. This instruction will hold positive impact on the households and communities of kids through the values they developed at TCF schools. Nine instructors besides got the chance to have instructor preparation and go better pedagogues.

TCF Golf Tournament to back up instruction for less privileged

Golfers in Karachi were invited by TCF to back up the cause of instruction by take parting at the 9th Annual TCF Golf Tournament.It was Held at the Karachi Golf Club ( in Karsaz ) on December 15-16, 2012 the event comprised of squad and single classs. The Supporters of TCF ( STCF ) and TCF Team from Head Office work diligently to do this one-year tourney a success.

November 05, 2012

Art Fundraiser in UK to back up TCF mission

An Art Fundraiser, aimed to showcase pictures by established and emerging Pakistani creative persons, was organized in London. Supporters of The Citizens Foundation, Karachi Pakistan, in association with Director of Mica Hub, London came up with this event. The exhibition included a broad scope of impressive art of well-known senior and approaching creative persons. Most of the work has been donated by these lavish creative persons, who have volunteered to go agents of positive alteration by back uping TCF mission of educating Pakistan.All the financess collected from the show will travel towards back uping TCF schools, which are funded wholly by contributions.

October 17, 2012

Hassle-free contributions via easypaisa

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Easy paisa has made transportation of money simple and convenient. Contributions can be done at TCF merely by directing from easypaisa.Every one can donate from their Mobile History or from any of the easypaisa stores located in Pakistan. Each contribution will be instant and confirmed by an immediate SMS sent to the transmitter. All contributions through easypaisa will be transferred to TCF history and will be available for treating farther.

An understanding was signed between The Citizens Foundation and Tameer Microfinance Bank on 11th October 2012. This partnership will convey easiness for TCF givers and easy paisa will increase the figure of contributions to TCF and assist play an of import portion in educating kids ‘s instruction in Pakistan. ”

October 05, 2012

Memorandum of Understanding signed by TCF & A ; KESC to Educate Pakistan

Under the Social Investment program, The Citizens Foundation has signed a memoranda of apprehension ( MOU ) with Karachi Electric Supply Company ( KESC for having free electricity for 320 TCF school units. The MOU was signed by Mr. Ahsan M. Saleem, Founding Director TCF and Mr. Tabish Guahar, CEO of KESC. KESC would bear 100 per cent cost of electricity consumed by approximately 320 TCF school units and TCF caput office in Karachi. TCF would be working with KESC to supply free electricity to other 46 schools units.


Presently they have no variegation program as they are already good established in the state As the graph shown above shows that they want to spread out their schools and want to open more schools particularly in interior Sindh countries. The figure of schools has been increasing every year.In the following two old ages TCF wants to set up 1000 schools so that more kids can acquire instruction for free.In hereafter they see themselves to be educating more pupils with best quality of instruction.On the other manus they want to make more occupation vacancies and enlargement in their research labs. They want to Establish inaugural advancing acting humanistic disciplines and cultural instruction and set up a School of Sports with installations for the under resourced schooling system of Karachi

How TCF is different from other NGOs

The Citizen foundation apart from their vision off conveying a positive alteration in Pakistan by supplying instruction to the under privileged kids, It besides provides a platform where people donate money and they know that their money will be spent for the instruction of kids. The money will non be wasted. The following are the major ground which tells us why TCF is different from the other Ngo ‘s:

Education for the multitudes:

All schools of TCF are located in urban slums and rural countries of Pakistan. These are countries distinguished by terrible poorness, where people neither have the agencies nor entree to quality instruction.

National presence:

Soon there are 93 schools at different locations nationally.115,000 pupils have enrolled in these schools.


Their mission is to supply Quality instruction and better Future to the under privileged kids. Through the power of quality instruction TCF was able to supply moral, religious, and rational enlightenment. They besides create chances to better quality of life.

Professional direction:

TCF is one of the few non-profit organisations in Pakistan that is professionally managed by a squad of extremely dedicated directors and staff employed on a full-time footing.

High degree of administration:

The Citizen Foundation has been assigned non-profit organisation administration evaluation of GR8+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co Ltd. These Credit evaluations are based on a graduated table get downing from GR-1 ( lowest ) to GR-10 ( highest ) . The assigned evaluation shows a high degree of administration in TCF.

Certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

They have been certified by the PCP after a elaborate desk rating, field appraisal and approved by their Certification Panel. Certification by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy is a close up for organisations that show ideal criterions in organisational success. TCF is amongst the highest marking organisations certified by PCP to day of the month.

Purpose reinforced schools:

The schools at TCF are designed by reputed houses of designers and are complete with a library, art room and all indispensable installations such as H2O, electricity, lavatories, play country, furniture etc.

Scholarships & A ; aid:

The Citizen Foundation besides provides Scholarship up to 95 % to all destitute pupils. Due to this installation many pupils are paying as small Rs 10 per month. Books and uniforms are to a great extent sponsor and provided at easy installments.

Co-education system with a balanced gender ratio – :

TCF besides believe in no gender favoritism. Due to which female pupil per centum in their schools is largely 50 % .

Comprehensive & A ; dynamic course of study:

The course of study is decently modified and on a regular basis updated to run into the demands of contemporary instruction. TCF schools follow a course of study officially prescribed course of study by the board of their peculiar part. They guarantee that pupils in TCF schools receive the most up-to-date instruction available.

Regular quality appraisal:

TCF Education Program is often evaluated through periodic reviews and appraisals to vouch that the quality of instruction bringing is up to TCF approved high criterions.

Training Centre for instructors:

Education in TCF schools is communicated through officially trained instructors. Merit footing hiring is purely followed by TCF.It besides organizes an extended Pre-Service Training ( PRESET ) for its new staff every twelvemonth. This preparation given to instructors is based on assorted faculties covering with psychological science of kid, different acquisition manners, and assessment methods and learning schemes particularly concentrating on kids. Apart from PRESET, thorough In-Service Training ( INSET ) is conducted every summer to maintain bing faculty side by side with new tendencies in instruction.

No favoritism:

The instruction plan is unfastened to all individuals and communities, irrespective of their race, colour, credo, faith or location.

Promoting adult females employment – :

TCF merely hires female module and soon there are 5, 400 instructors and principals across all their schools.


The Education Program like TCF with a turning web of schools requires big resources of financess and support in assorted signifiers.

The Education Program of TCF is funded wholly with contributions and we wholly as an person must fall in them in their cause to contend illiteracy and assist them in conveying hope and felicity to the kids of Pakistan.

A Volunteer for TCF

There are a figure of ways through which we can lend our clip to TCF regardless of age or state of abode. The Volunteers who work with TCF gets an exciting scope of possibilities like undertakings at their Central Office, opportunity of mentoring TCF pupils, engagement in the one-year Summer Camp, running a contribution force to assist out in raising financess etc.We can personally lend or raise financess for TCF ‘s Education Program by roll uping books for school libraries, by taking engagement in teacher preparation and officially fall ining their support groups in Pakistan, Canada, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK and Bahrain and assisting them out in their fundraisers. Spreading consciousness about TCF is besides one of the parts to the cause.

The plans that the Volunteer Desk rolls out in schools every twelvemonth are Rahbar and Summer Camp.

1. TCF Rahbar:

A Mentorship Program aimed at the development of young person as responsible persons and as productive members of society. The age standard for this plan is 23 old ages or supra. The Registration timeline is from September-October and February-March.

The chief function of wise mans in Rahbar is to promote the mentees to develop a positive idea procedure, set up a vision for their hereafter, make programs to recognize that vision and built capacity to cover with the failures that they as persons will face in their lives.

Following its successful pilot in 2008 at TCF Secondary School, Cowasjee Campus, Karachi, Rahbar Program has continued since so. To day of the month, seven stages have successfully concluded at TCF secondary schools.

It is aimed that every class VIII pupil will travel through Rahbar.

Rahbars ( wise mans ) are from all walks of life and are between 23 – 70 old ages of age.

Every Saturday in the forenoon from 9:30am boulder clay 12:30 autopsy they conduct 8-9 hebdomad long Sessionss in the school.

Coverage presently extends to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Rahbar Programme includes ‘Hero Speaker ‘ session where self-made and brave persons are invited to cast some visible radiation on their past experiences.

Rahbar is a wholly voluntary based plan where people from different age groups, backgrounds and experiences wise man, usher and advocate immature pupils.

2010-11 Highlights of Rahbar Programme:

In Karachi, Rahbar was held at 29 different schools, affecting 1,366 mentees and 375 wise mans. This stage concluded in the first hebdomad of June 2011.

In Lahore, Rahbar was held at nine schools, affecting 284 mentees and 70 wise mans.

Rahbar session was held at Dhoke Chaudrian Campus ( near Rawalpindi ) for the first clip affecting 20 mentees and 10 wise mans.

70 % pupils eligible for Rahbar Program in academic twelvemonth 2010-11 have been successfully mentored.

50 Hero Speakers from all walks of life inspired pupils by sharing their lives ‘ narratives

2. TCF Summer Camp:

TCF summer Camp takes topographic point every twelvemonth during Jun – Jul at assorted TCF schools in Karachi and Lahore. Hundreds of pupils who are enthusiastic voluntaries from a figure of honored educational institutes and they participate every twelvemonth. Volunteers besides get a opportunity to learn different accomplishments and merriment activities to TCF pupils during the summer cantonment. On the last twenty-four hours of the cantonment, the voluntaries are awarded with a certification in acknowledgment for their services. The age standard for TCF Summer cantonment is from 15 – 23 old ages. The Registration timeline is from April – May.


Education is the most critical issue for any state. No state will of all time come on without quality instruction. Lack of financess is a major issue impacting the educational development of Pakistan since due to the low financess allotted it becomes impossible to build new schools in countries where instruction is otherwise unapproachable. Second, the deficiency of financess hinders bing schools from bettering the quality of instruction through hiring of more qualified instructors.

On the other manus, the negative impact of corruptness on instruction ca n’t be denied either. From less financess being allotted towards instruction to the operation of shade schools and everything thing in between be it engaging unqualified module, no care of school edifice etc, corruptness is taking a heavy charge on instruction in Pakistan.TCF has a clear system of direction and despite of their huge web of schools TCF is able to keep full transparence. The impact of corruptness can be reduced if the transparence system is adopted at the national degree and financess could be managed in a more effectual manner through prioritising on need footing. Issues like corruptness, politically pressure discourage from geting instruction are normally haltering development of instruction in Pakistan.

NGOs working in assorted sectors are supplying far better installations than the authorities because NGOs specialize in a certain field of work therefore are able to apportion their resources better and strategize more efficaciously unlike the authorities that has to keep a cheque and balance over many countries. The ideal scheme for Pakistan would be that the authorities and NGOs work hand-in-hand to provide to the huge educational scarceness and follow a more up-to-date and standardised theoretical account of instruction along with concentrating on supplying instruction to rural communities to rush up the procedure.

TCF has contributed tremendously to the poorest subdivisions of Pakistani society by offering them choice instruction in distinguished environment. Further enlargement will let many more to profit across the state. TCF can besides lend to Pakistan ‘s instruction sector more widely by sharing its journey with instruction policy shapers the relevant ministries and bureaus. This in bend should assist Pakistan go a society of agents of positive alteration.