Essay for the Fellowship

Essay for the Fellowship at the University of Hong Kong

Like my ascendants, I literally work indefatigably in many academic and leading functions. I sleep no more than six hours a dark because of my desire to like an expert run into my many committednesss. Throughout my life, I have worked as long and every bit difficult as I perchance can to consequence good alterations in both school and society.

For maximal use, I spent clip for different profession preparation plans during my occupation and survey every bit good. At the terminal of my under-graduate survey, I have had an chance as a Software Engineer at Automation & A ; Control Engineering Project, a undertaking running by Ministry of Science & A ; Technology. I developed figure of desktop and online applications for industrial intent.

Apart from package development I have besides developed a acute involvement on package proving through my MSCS research work during the last few months. Refinement of UML profile is an country I didn ” „?t know much about. However, since I started my research on theoretical account based testing of real-time system, I have got more and more interested on this country, peculiarly on confirmation of annotated values of category diagrams.

In add-on to larning package technology, I late lectured object oriented scheduling and progress networking categories at the petition of HoCT ( Head of Computer Training Section ) . Engineers and professionals discuss the issues of their undertakings.

Harmonizing to Higher Education Commission, post-graduate pupils are required to measure up a Graduate Assessment Test held by National Testing System. I am among the three pupils who have qualified in category of 70 six pupils.

Besides engagement in academic and leading places, I am active in cricket. For case, I pattern on a regular basis. In add-on, I am Executive Member of university ” „?s athleticss nine every bit good.

As a Course Coordinator at Computer Training Section, I am working to present more advanced-placement classs. At curriculum commission meetings, I have been effectual in doing Board members aware of the demand for these classs. In add-on, my addresss at public Board meetings frequently draw widespread support, which farther helps to progress my programs for heightening the course of study.

I have besides been effectual as a supervisor for under-graduates. Harmonizing to the industrial demand, I provide them proficient support and ever promote them for professional work.

I have besides been effectual as a Sunday school instructor. By assisting simple school pupils formulate rules and ethical motives, I make a difference in their lives every hebdomad. The value system that I hope to transfuse in them will last them their full lives

Clearly, I have devoted my life both to working to break myself and to bettering civilisation as a whole. Throughout the remainder of my life, I hope to go on in this same mode of unselfish work. Merely every bit good wishers dedicate their life to public service ; I commit my life to assisting others and to progressing society ‘s degree of apprehension.