Existentialism: Sociology and Basic Existentialist Standpoint Essay

There are six subjects of existential philosophy ; the subjects are classified to qualify the manner of idea of those who would name themselves existential philosophers.

The first subject is known as “existence precedes essence” . which is the basic existential philosopher point of view. The values in a person’s life are non inherited from the society. but are entirely based on their consciousness.

The 2nd subject is classified as “anxiety” . The nature of anxiousness is like the apprehension of being nil. This anxiousness motivates existential philosophers to do something of their lives alternatively of encompassing the pointless of life.

The 3rd subject of existential philosophy shows “absurdity” . there is no ground for worlds to be. nil has a point. and it’s instead silly.

The 4th subject is known as “Nothingness” . an existential philosopher feels as if they are defined merely by their being but the beliefs and in state of affairss that one lives can besides be defined. An existential philosopher believes they’re born with nil: no prepositions can make everything for themselves. Therefore an existential philosopher must hold no constructions.

“Death” is known as the 5th subject of existential philosophy. Death is the concluding terminal of being. therefore decease is a actuating factor in life. Everyone has a natural fright of decease. but we should get the better of hat fright. unrecorded life to the fullest. Let decease go on because it is inevitable.

“Alienation” displays the 6th subject of existential philosophy. Alienation is the isolation from society and societal orders. It is present in society. to those persons who create and pursue their personal desires. besides non bulk regulations. In this subject. they do non link with societal establishments ; hence an existential philosopher finds their society empty and meaningless.