Homogeneous education system


Even in this fast traveling technological universe, nil productive has been done on educational evidences for disable people. Not a individual institute in this universe supplying a system where pupils with impaired vision and/or hearing disablement can sit in common schoolroom with normal pupils to get innovator instruction. The cardinal thought behind this paper is to change over the heterogenous instruction system ( HeOS ) into homogenous instruction system ( HoES ) i.e. to supply a platform to particular people by utilizing address engineering, unreal intelligence and mathematical modeling. The Learning and Collaboration System provides perchance the best instruction to particular people so that they can be confident and stand house in this universe and compete with persons.


Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, Artificial intelligence, Speech engineering.


Disability is normally defined as a loss or limitation of functional ability or activity as a consequence of organic structure or mind [ 1 ] ; hence the This paper presents the thought that how disables ( blind, deaf, dumb ) can sit with normal pupils in a individual category room, can take talks and can analyze good.

Through ‘Learning and Collaboration System ‘ a instructor will give talk to the category it will be displayed at multi media for the deaf and dense pupil so that he can see and can question through keyboard and dad up will be displayed on multi media and can be answered where as the normal and the blind will be able to listen the voice of instructor. Besides entering and publishing installation ( in English and Braille ) will be provided of the same talk. By this system the instructor and the defender can merely learn and speak to the particular individual does n’t necessitate to larn the mark or Braille linguistic communication foremost. By geting high instruction from good institutes they will be able to acquire good occupations and can take a normal life.


The segregation of these disable people by making particular schools, has been an huge blooper which is been committed by this universe. This is because ; these schools have resulted to turn out particular people as an stray portion of the society. Apparently, these schools have liberated the society to take these particular people as their duty to explicate them as responsible citizens.

However, it is a really celebrated actuality that having instruction in a mainstream school is non a solution because reacting to the demands of disables is really of import, and supplying them with a proper and consistent course of study is a biggest challenge of all times.

Furthermore, Pakistanis believe that individuals with disablements are a societal load and a expletive on the household. These beliefs lead to the misinterpretation of disablement. They prevent people from obtaining appropriate information and being educated. Employment chances for individuals with disablements are really limited and so they are a fiscal load for their households. [ p ]

  • Third row represents normal pupils,
  • Second row represents unsighted individuals ( have oning black spectacless ) and
  • First row represent deaf individuals who has normal computing machine keyboard in forepart.

Speaker is the 1 who speaks in microphone and record sound in an environment which is perfectly noise free in order to hold a loud and clear voice entering for the first clip usage, so that when the teacher when of all time take category and delivers lecture it will go through through the pitch equaliser.


The designed pitch equaliser will minimise the mistake arises due to the difference of male and female voice pitch and frequence. The equaliser will map the voice wavelets up to a mentioned levelled in this manner take the mistakes and so go through forward to be converted in text.

Address TO TEXT:

Besides known as address acknowledgment. The talk is foremost converted in to text signifier earlier delivered to pupil. The normal pupil can listen and see the text of talk coincident which increase their understand ability.


The deaf and dense pupil can follow the talk by their ocular sense to the text of talk.

SYSTEM ‘S Presentation:

Now here ‘s a show of the interfaces of ‘The Learning And Collaboration System For Disables ‘ that how it works.


Making a Pre-primary subdivision is an simple measure because if pupils would hold an familiarity about the system, so it would be easy for them to get advanced instruction from different colleges and universities.

Puting screen as shown above, helps pupils to take gestural linguistic communication ( for deaf pupils ) or Braille linguistic communication ( for blind pupils ) which of all time suits so the best.

The print prevue option allows holding a speedy glimpse on the page of which printout will be taken. Printout of Braille and mark characters can be obtained.


As Pre-primary faculty was designed for alphabets presentation. The higher instruction faculty is extended faculty of the first 1. Designed fundamentally to demo how the complete sentences or talks delivered by the lector are converted consequently and apprehensible by all type of pupils.

the particular ( blind, deaf and dumb ) pupils.

  • The pitch equaliser will minimise frequence and wavelength mistake arises due to difference in male and female voice.
  • For deaf pupil all the talk spoken by instructor is converted in to text and allow mark linguistic communication. So that he can easy understand the given talk.
  • For unsighted people the package produces suited brail printout and English linguistic communication print out for the normal pupils profiting them to hold it in a book signifier which is portable and could be used whenever they want. As it is justly said by Barbara Tuchman that “ Books are the bearers of civilisation. Without books, history is soundless, literature dumb, scientific discipline crippled, thought and guess at a deadlock. ”
  • To supply pupils with easiness of entering installation of the same talk.
  • The Software will minimise the domestic jobs of particular individuals ( really common in Pakistan ) . In our state there is a great job for misss to travel entirely. If a miss is blind than it is hard to travel entirely, hence homogenous system will supply really friendly environment and a misss with disablement can easy get high-quality instruction and can acquire a good occupation chance in this manner.


individual with disablements means a individual who, on history of hurt, disease, or inborn malformation, is handicapped in set abouting any paid profession or employment, and includes individuals who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, and physically and mentally handicapped. [ P ] So we can state individuals holding any sort of disablement are termed as “ Particular Person ” . The term “ Particular Persons ” is use being all over the universe ; particular individuals have some lack than normal individual therefore they depend on others in some affairs and as a consequence of this disablement is seen as a job.

Persons with Disabilities face overpowering barriers in instruction, accomplishments development and day-to-day life. [ 3 ] ; The function of the professional is to measure the person and assist them map as close normal as is possible for them, to assist them accommodate psychologically and physically, to assist them by intervention and rehabilitation to accomplish the degree of physical and rational operation they are capable of.

To be a participant of the society, it is non confined to be a normal individual who leads a ordinary life. Persons possessing disablements, to an extent are capable of take parting actively in society. With the transition of clip, every attempt is made to get the better of all the hurdlings which are faced by particular individuals, so that they would non experience apathetic and take a normal life.

Barriers, largely experienced by disables in periods before can keep to hold negative effects on society even in present universe. Particular people go toing their specific segregated schools still fail to accomplish important makings as compared to their non-disabled blue bloods. This failure may be a consequence of inability of their schools to supply them with a proper and normal prospectus. Disability is a removable job which is created by people themselves. Therefore, governable barriers may be removed through a productive and proper societal attack.

Our initial reading As per the Quran besides indicates that people with disablements are to be treated with to the full see and to hold the same subject-to-subject dealingss that are granted to the non-disabled [ 2 ]

The subject behind our undertaking is to supply excellence, innovator instruction to kids with impaired vision and/or hearing disablement under a individual schoolroom of the top most institutes all over the universe.

When we talk about particular individual here we are covering with two classs, i.e.

  • Blind pupils
  • deaf and dense pupils

Learning and coaction system for disables is endowed of supplying a welcoming and friendly atmosphere so that particular people does non experience stray. It consist a lector and group of pupils which includes normal and particular, organizing a healthy and antiphonal schoolroom environment. Classs conducted harmonizing to this system is shown below in figure # 1:


When the form is matched from the database so we get the show on the screen in alphabets, Braille and mark.



answer to everyone by typing text in the confab room format.


After the choice of options, chief screen appears on which it provides with peculiar alphabet which is really spoken.

In speech synthesist, whatever sentence or word is typed can be spoken by the system after pressing the “ address ” buttons as given.

Like puting option, the above figure shows printing options which provides assorted picks sing printing intent, that whether to publish a page or in a book signifier for portable usage.

When the lector speaks a sentence it will be displayed on screen in gestural linguistic communication as shown in figure # 7 and in this manner a deaf or dense pupil can see the talk. The same sentence can be displayed in Braille if Braille linguistic communication is chosen from the scene window.


The chief characteristics of ‘Learning and Collaboration System ‘ are mentioned as under:

  • Proposed System fundamentally works to supply a common platform practically for both pupil and normal pupils so that both groups of pupils will hold same sense of making accomplishment.
  • ‘The Learning and Collaboration System ‘ plants in a really user friendly environment.
  • The teacher does non necessitate to larn the mark and Braille linguistic communication to educate

The premier and initial aim of ‘Learning And Collaboration System ‘ is to make a existent clip environment for normal every bit good as in particular pupils like blinds and deaf to understand and react all category instructions in a really effectual manner with high quality of instruction. This will turn to the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs being faced by the Deaf and blind so that they feel at easiness in their normal life and ne’er think of their disablement at any phase as compared to normal individuals.

Future Work:

Our ultimate purpose is to farther progress this construct to a really friendly ambiance and to increase comfort degree by implanting it as a nomadic package to present the same construct through nomadic phone.This will extinguish all jobs from the root and is convenient for all type of pupils including normal every bit good as blinds and deaf by merely sitting anyplace of their ain pick.


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