Interviewees And Career Theory Education Essay

Surin is presently a Senior Accountant ; she started out as an histories clerk at the Singapore Airlines for 5 old ages. She mentioned that she sees no chances in the Singapore Airlines, as she was non given the chance to use what she has learnt during her surveies as most of the work range was non related to accounting. Therefore, she went over to Western Atlas Inc, in charge of history receivable, where she could value add and research other chances. However, after 2.5 old ages at Western Atlas Inc, Surin quit her occupation even before the retrenchment as the company was relocated to Malaysia.

After which, Surin joined Compaq for the following 10 old ages of her calling. She shared that the proverb the importance of makings and she took up Diploma in Commerce through sponsorship from the company. She emphasized that holding a company with good direction and work environment is the key to occupation satisfactory. Surin shared that she has great involvement in analysing informations and figure and Compaq has given tonss of chances to fuel her passion where she picked up legion accomplishments and cognition. Besides, she specifically mentioned that flexibleness, communicating accomplishments and clip direction are particularly of import to maintain up in the fast gait and ambitious work environment. Her difficult work and willingness to larn finally paid off as when she was promoted to Associate Accountant.

After Compact mergence with Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) , Surin accepted a occupation offer from Symantec as she felt that her wage did non warrant the sum of work she contributed. Surin saw the occupation offer as an chance to pull off people as she was given a Senior Accountant place. Bing a proactive and sociable single she was besides made the director of the company ‘s planetary paysheet where she is involved in tonss of undertakings.

As a director, emphasis direction is of import ; particularly when the direction of the company focuses on cost effectivity and the demand for choice work. Therefore, these cause jobs to originate and she would prefer to work out it rapidly by herself. She besides emphasized that good work-life balance is important to cut down one ‘s emphasis.

Surin added that during her early old ages of calling, she was motivated by the great passion in analysing Numberss and figures every bit good as the hungriness for accomplishments and cognition. However, over the old ages, she realizes that deriving acknowledgment is besides one of her motive. As a female parent of two, her greatest beginning motive is her household, particularly when her hubby got retrenched and she had to supply for the household.

Career Theories 1

Several calling theories could be identified utilizing Surin ‘s calling development. The first theory that proposed by Holland, categorised personalities and environments into six theoretical account types. The theoretical account types include Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Based on Surin ‘s interview, it is apparent that she belongs to the CRI type as she believes that when jobs arise, she would settle it every bit shortly as possible and non procrastinates and therefore shows her involvement in work outing jobs by making. In add-on, Surin enjoy working with computing machine which explained her realistic personality. Following, her fact-finding personality is shown in her great involvement in analysing informations and Numberss where she ensures no errors in paysheet procedures. Last, her ability to be after in front and organized deadlines in an orderly mode brings out her conventional personality.

From this, we can see that Holland ‘s theory have shown Surin ‘s personality profile is able to accommodate her work environment ‘s personality profile, which resulted in satisfaction and success in her calling. On the other manus, if companies with organisation construction dwelling of undertaking squads they would hold a group of people with different personalities. For illustration if a squad consist of a assortment of people from different sections, such as comptroller, selling forces, human resource and etc, therefore Holland Theory may non be applicable in this instance. Since, Surin is a director who manage a planetary squad therefore she frequently work with people are of different personalities as her, hence Holland ‘s theory may some restrictions in this instance.

Next we will discourse Parsons ‘ Theory ( 1908 ) . Surin had a clear apprehension of her single involvements and abilities, where she mentioned that she has a great involvement in Numberss. She besides far-sighted and she will carefully be after in order to accomplish her end. However, Parsons ‘ Theory fails to explicate other factors such as single aptitudes and the work environment that influence an person ‘s calling pick.

Interviewee 2

Esther shared that she had great involvement in learning as she was inspired by her instructor. During her secondary school yearss, she was appointed as a caput prefect and this has her given many chances to take her equals. She enjoyed the speech production in forepart of a category every bit good as assisting her friends in their prep. Upon graduation from secondary school she decided to purse Early Childhood Education as she felt that she could get down learning from preschool kids.

After graduating with a sheepskin in Early Childhood, Esther took up a function as a yearling instructor in a child care Centre for 3 old ages. This occupation requires her to be after the course of study activities and besides execute everyday attention to the yearlings. During these 3 old ages, Esther felt challenged as she felt that she could non link and command the yearling good.

After which, Esther realised that her passion for learning was non for the yearlings, so she moved on to work in TOUCH Centre for Independent Living as a instructor for near 3 old ages. In this occupation, she teaches basic functional cognition and accomplishments to her client. Her clients are people from different age group runing from 18 to 50 who are intellectually handicapped. Due to Esther ‘s passion towards particular demands people, she enjoyed her learning them. In malice of her great passion, she decided to go forth as she felt that this occupation did non give her a good occupation chance and she would wish to foster her surveies. She besides added that her female parent had been promoting her to travel into authorities school as it is a safe and unafraid occupation.

Esther continued to prosecute her passion for instruction and she went on to take up Diploma in Education which was finally her current calling as primary school instructor for the past 4 old ages. Other than learning her nucleus topics, she would necessitate to hold close contact with parents sing their kid every bit good as churning out study card. Besides, Esther was besides given chances to be after certain event for the school.

Esther shared that her calling gives her a sense of accomplishment when she see her pupil surge in their consequences and character. Furthermore, she would wish to be given more leading chances where she can put some policies into actions to profit the pupils. Her end in this calling is to see her pupil excel in both school work and character. The idea of being able to see her pupil everyday and the different challenges they are traveling to maintain her motivated me to be in this calling. She besides claimed that it is her passion to learn and besides the belief in faith keeps her traveling.

Esther shared that schoolroom direction, crisis direction for unanticipated fortunes are of import for her current calling. Alternatively of shouting at her pupils, she will happen different ways to pull off them. Bing a cheerful and bubbly individual, Esther finds troubles in learning ego subject to her pupils and she will normally seek advices from the senior instructors.

When there is an office political relations, Esther will normally turn a deaf ear towards it and non allow it impact her. Esther shared that she is unfastened to listen to constructive feedback and seek to better on it. Some challenges she faced are the demands of the school course of study to be met and the demand of parents who are sometimes excessively concerned about their kids. To get the better of these, she will be after her lesson at least one hebdomad before to accomplish her aims. Esther will besides drop short notes to her pupil parents so that they will be notified on what has happened in school.

Career Theories 2

Through Esther ‘s calling history, she has been a instructor for the past 10 old ages from a child care to particular demands and eventually primary school instructor. Therefore, utilizing Parson ‘s Theory, it could be used to explicate that Esther had a clear apprehension of her accomplishments and endowment in her calling and understood the cognition and demand in this industry.

In Krumboltz ‘s Theory, there are four factors that interact and impact the procedures in calling determination devising. These factors are familial gift, environmental conditions, larning experience and undertaking attack accomplishments. Esther was known to be a champagne and cheerful young person among her equals, besides her ability to take and act upon the people around her was recognized by her instructor. These factors are considered as familial gift which helped her in calling determination devising.

In add-on, Esther grew up in an environment where her female parent encourages her to be a instructor which sparks her involvement in learning. Her involvement grew into passion was when she heard narratives and advices from her instructors. This explains how Esther developed her passion in learning through environmental status.

However, Krumboltz Theory did non advert about occupation satisfaction being portion of calling determination doing procedure. Nowadays, persons progressively perceive occupation satisfaction as a factor when sing the pick of occupation.

Interviewee 3

Mrs Yeo graduated with a grade in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Business. She shared that when she was immature, she ever wanted to a concern adult female as she is an outgoing and chatty individual. She besides mentioned that during her undergraduate old ages, her end was to be a concern adult female even she did non acquire into Business class due to her classs. She started as a staff in the Human Resource section with Ministry of Home Affairs and was in charge of managing Recruitment and Retention Policies for Ministry of Home Affairs for near to 4 old ages. During the 4 old ages, there was no promotion in her calling hence she decided to look into learning calling. Besides, Mrs Yeo would wish to assist and alter lives of young persons and hence decided to ship on the learning calling.

After 12 old ages in the instruction industry, Mrs Yeo is presently the Head of Department ( HOD ) of Science. She shared that her definition of being a instructor has changed over the old ages. For the first 5 old ages in her instruction calling, it was passion and occupation acknowledgment that drive her to work hard. Since so, she suffered a burnout and her passion for instruction was warned. She added that her ground to stay in instruction was because of the wage.

When questioned about what kept her traveling for the past 6 old ages, Mrs Yeo shared that she believes in puting high outlooks for herself and put in her best attempt in everything she does. Once she started initiated as undertaking, she will finish the undertaking no affair what comes in her manner. Therefore, this is one of the grounds why she was appointed as the HOD of scientific discipline even when her passion has died down.

Mrs Yeo shared that learning is non entirely about learning ; she needs to supervise the behaviour and faculty member of pupils, in charge of co-curricular activities every bit good as administrative affairs for the pupils and school. She mentioned that the work load is heavy and in many juncture she will hold to work during the weekends which finally compromised her household clip. In add-on, the extra work load has dampened her involvements and avocations as she has no clip for herself.

Her biggest challenge in instruction was to actuate the unmotivated pupils and she shared that in order to get the better of this job, unfastened communicating channel is of import. However, she added that the heavy administrative affairs and CCAs are the beginning of the alteration in passion towards her calling.

Mrs Yeo considered people dealingss, flexibleness and multi-tasking are some indispensable accomplishments in any business non merely learning. Given the heavy work load, she mentioned that she has yet learned to get by with emphasis and the seeking of faith and household is the beginning of cut downing emphasis.

Career Theories 3

Based on Mrs Yeo ‘s interview we can descry some similarities that align with Super ‘s theory, and we would specifically speak about the first 4 phases viz. Growth, Exploration, Establishment and Maintenance. In the early portion of Mrs Yeo ‘s life, she mentioned about her aspiration of being a concern adult female, which lead her to take up minor in Business, this explains the Growth and Exploration phases of her life. Mrs Yeo integrates her self-concept into her calling determination doing procedure, in other words, she felt that her sociable character and communicating accomplishments helps her in accomplishing her probationary vocational penchant. Although Mrs Yeo could non do it to Business class, but she was determined to do her manner into Business sector by minoring in concern ( Crystallization ) . Upon graduation, Mrs Yeo ‘s self-concept changed due to the fact that she did non hold the required cognition to be a concern adult female hence she decided to turn to Human Resource direction alternatively. This is when her probationary vocational penchant became specific vocational penchants ( Specification ) and after which she was employed as HR at Ministry of Home Affairs ( Implementation ) .

After 3.5 old ages, Mrs Yeo changed her self-concept and underwent a mid-career switch to go a instructor, where her abilities and personality traits matches the business. This might be the ground for her rapid patterned advance in leading functions and got promoted to go the HOD of scientific discipline. Based on the undermentioned, we can place that Mrs Yeo has reached calling adulthood as she is considered successful in her current calling.

Super ‘s Theory besides addresses issues on the relationship between work satisfaction and life satisfaction. This is where we can see that Mrs Yeo work satisfaction has dropped significantly as her life satisfactions are compromised due to the heavy work load and long working hours.

Interviewee 4

Ms Wu Siew See is presently keeping a grade of Bachelor of Science ( Pharmacy ) and Master of Business Administration. She started her foremost calling as a druggist in both retail and infirmary for 5 old ages. Bing person who loves to interact with people, she realized that the nature of the occupation was excessively everyday and deadening. Therefore, she moved on to go a lector.

Ms Wu has been working in Ngee Ann Polytechnic as a lector for the past 7 old ages. Her calling requires her to supply an instruction atmosphere to pupils and besides administrative functions. She was besides appointed as counselor in her 3rd twelvemonth of instruction. Having an outgoing character, she was given several chances to lead pupils for abroad service larning trip to 3rd universe states.

After being in the instruction line for 7 old ages, Ms Wu believed the intent of this calling is to enrich the lives of her pupils. She believes in giving every pupil opportunities to turn academically and besides construct on their character development. Bing a spiritual individual, she shared that traveling up the ladder of leading was non her precedence in her calling, she believes that her end is to act upon the life her pupils.

Students are the beginning of her motive that keeps her traveling. Ms Wu finds joy when she sees her pupil applying and interpreting what she has taught into their day-to-day life. Besides, was she really encouraged when she is able to supply reding to her pupils who in a quandary. Her pupils besides expressed their gratitude towards Ms Wu, this keeps her traveling and she finds this calling meaningful.

Ms Wu considered cognition as the most of import accomplishments set needed in this calling. However, she acknowledges that without communications, she would non be able to interpret the information to the pupils. Good communicating accomplishments besides allowed her to construct into the lives of the pupils and besides understand the pupils ‘ outlook. She shared, “ Teaching is about winning the Black Marias of the pupils. Equally long as they love you, they will be interested in the topic. I felt motivated seeing them win. ”

Bing in the instruction industry, emphasis is inevitable and her chief beginning of emphasis comes from the consequence of the pupils. She shared that being a lector is more than instruction, there are many administrative, unfastened house, events that they would necessitate to take charge. Ms Wu felt that political relations besides add-on on to her stress degree. However, to get by with emphasis, she would concentrate on the solution instead than the job. In add-on, she would besides seek her faith and people for advices.

Career theories 4

As mentioned above, Ms Wu finds her first calling really everyday, hence moved on to go a lector. Based on modified theory developed by Ginzberg, Ms Wu realised that work satisfaction was of import in her determination of calling picks. Some factors that contributed to work satisfactions are her beliefs in faith maintain her motivated and a sense of intent in her calling. Besides, she was given chances for occupational growing such as being a counselor and delivery pupils for abroad acquisition. However, the most of import factor was her attitude towards work which is to act upon and impact the lives of her pupils beyond schoolroom cognition.

Based on Holland ‘s Theory, it is apparent that Ms Wu belongs to Artistic ( A ) , Enterprising ( E ) and Social ( S ) personality type. Therefore, she will likely seek for a calling that is AES categorization. Ms Wu describes herself as person is originative and flexible and does non wish to follows a construction modus operandi which contributes to her artistic personalities based on her experience working in the infirmary. These are merely as her calling demands ; she would necessitate to be originative in her instruction methods to acquire her pupils attending during categories. Besides, because of her creativeness, she was tasked to form and be after events for the school.

Having an enterprising personality, Ms Wu is person sociable and energetic which is of import to actuate her pupils during lectors to optimise acquisition for her pupils. Due to her popularity, the school awarded her with learning award in 2008 and was appointed as a school counsellor. She enjoys reding and giving advices to pupils which made a difference in her pupils ‘ life, this contributes to her societal personality type. The above shows that Ms Wu personality profile agrees with Holland ‘s Theory.

Career Planning and Development

Through the observation and analysis from the above four interviews, we are able to larn from their experiences and use it into our ain personal calling way and career. By utilizing the above interviewees, 3 cardinal factors were identified that we will take into history in our calling planning and developments. We both identified occupation involvement, how our personalities fit into the calling and meaningfulness of the occupation as portion of the consideration in our calling planning.

First, we will utilize Ginzberg Theory to place our involvement and abilities which matches our future calling. Ginzberg ‘s Process Theory to discourse about my phases of calling development which include phantasy, probationary and realistic period. We realized how one ‘s involvement can impact our determination when be aftering one ‘s calling way.

Second, we will utilize Holland Theory to fit our personalities with our future calling. Holland ‘s Theory proves the 6 different work personality types, RIASEC. Based on the interviewees above, we learnt that people would be given to look for occupations which match their personalities as it will maximise their strength and hence achieve occupation satisfaction.

Last, Leonard will be utilizing Super ‘s Theory to turn to the issue on occupation satisfaction, where he explains the importance of it particularly working in the twenty-first century. On the other manus, Wan Yan will utilize Herzberg ‘s Motivation-Hygiene Theory to place how motive keeps us traveling at work. Wan Yan finds motive of import in her calling growing, as she will happen a sense of meaningfulness in calling.

Leonard Ng Analysis

Job Interest- Ginzberg Theory

Since primary school, my consequences for Science and Mathematics topics were outstanding and I was frequently praised by my instructors and parents. The acknowledgments from my parents and instructors motivated me and made me dreamt of being a scientific discipline professor which I perceive it would be a glamourous and well-respected occupation. At age 17, I topped the school for Chemistry during my Junior College yearss for two back-to-back old ages, which finally embarked my Chemical Science degree class in my several university. Compared to other scientific disciplines, Chemistry is where my involvement is as I could stand out it the most. However, after two old ages of surveies I realized that although Chemistry is still my involvement, I could non see myself in the research field and instruction. Furthermore, I have taken a direction class in my several university that sparks my involvement in concern direction. I intend to minor in Business and this where my realistic period that I realized I want to go a regional director at a pharmaceutical company where it comprises of my involvement in Chemistry every bit good as to pull off people.

Job Satisfaction- Holland ‘s Theory

Using the Holland ‘s Theory, I identified myself as REC personality. With mention to Surin ‘s interview, there are 2 similar personalities to mine, viz. realistic and conventional personalities this coherency proves that I am on the right path. Furthermore, the passion is prosecuting concern as a child every bit good as leading qualities and enterprising personality reflect in my yesteryear and current co-curricular activities which are positive properties of a director, I believe I will make my coveted end and finally happen occupation satisfaction within my occupation of involvement.

Job Meaningfulness- Super ‘s Theory

Last, I will take into history with work satisfaction based on Super ‘s Archway Model, I am more cognizant of the importance of taking ownership so as to get by with the demands of the work environment particularly in the twenty-first century. Super ‘s Theory besides mentioned that one ‘s life meaningfulness is besides every bit of import as occupation meaningfulness. This means to state, one can non happen occupation meaningfulness if one ‘s personal life is non meaningful. Surin in Interviewee 1 who besides emphasized in work-life balance which goes to demo that how occupation meaningfulness and satisfaction are closely linked with the pleasance and satisfaction found out of work. With occupation meaningfulness, I would be able to execute my undertaking given to me enthusiastically and this would finally ensue in speedy promotion up the corporate ladder.

Tan Wan Yan Analysis

Job Interest- Ginzberg Theory

Since 4, I enjoyed traveling to school and I ever perceive a instructor a function theoretical account to pupils and an ‘encyclopedia ‘ that knows everything. Therefore, this perceptual experience inspired me to be a instructor. The fantasy phase started as enjoyed function playing as a instructor when I was back place after school. Even though I was talking to myself, I still find great joy as it was the start of the growing of my passion in instruction.

Unfortunately, my passion for learning reduced as the old ages goes. After graduating from secondary school, I decided to work in a health care scene, so I went on to prosecute Diploma in Pharmacy Science. At the initial phase, I enjoyed the class and my dreamt changed to going a druggist. However, during my internship in the infirmary, I came to recognize that I felt uncomfortable when managing patients.

Probably because of the probationary phase that I had went through, I realized that health care was non the pick that I would wish to prosecute in. At the age of 20, I had been through portion clip occupations from pharmaceutics technician to gross revenues and finally a child care instructor, I had been chew overing on my future calling. I peculiarly enjoyed and happen great motive in being a child care instructor and I was reminded of my childhood dream of being a instructor. Besides, due to the engagement in working with young persons during my polytechnic CCA ; I find great joy and involvement working with young persons and hence, I would wish to be a Polytechnic Lecturer upon her graduation from university.

Job Satisfaction- Holland ‘s Theory

In add-on, I find great passion and involvement during the 3 old ages of my CCA, which is functioning in The Boys ‘ Brigade Primers. I am still a presently a voluntary officer in The Boys ‘ Brigade Primers where I will be actively involved in different activities such as National Day Parade, Share-A-Gift and Overseas Learning Trip. My functions as an officer requires constructing relationship, mentoring and pull offing young persons to maintain them preoccupy with meaningful activities. Using Holland ‘s Theory, I identify myself as the CES personality type and am interested in working with people by assisting, actuating and carrying young persons merely like Ms Wu. However, I prefer a construction program to follow which falls was unlike Ms Wu ‘s artistic personalities. I realized that my personality type matches a feature of instructor.

Job Meaningfulness- Herzberg ‘s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

For myself, I am a extremely motivated personal who is able to do determination and have the power to do things go on. Bing involved in voluntary work, I am person who is motivated to see and make something good to the society such as training and edifice into lives of young persons. During my old ages of service in my CCA, there were decidedly challenges such as pull offing clip with my university agenda. However, due to the larning growing of the members, I felt a sense of achievement and this was my beginning my motive. Therefore, I would wish to hold the sense of satisfaction and occupation meaningfulness like Esther and Ms Wu, in seeing the pupils ‘ growing in consequences and character. However, merely like every company, there would be political relations and I would necessitate to be careful for my future calling so as to remain motivated in my calling.

In decision, the usage of calling theories would assist us in our pick of future calling and development. Through this assignment, we identified interviewee ‘s calling and applied into our ain calling planning. We learnt the importance that every person is alone, therefore it is of import in cognizing ain personalities to fit the future calling.