Recommendation To Hospitality Businesses In Hong Kong Environmental Sciences Essay

This study is a recommendation to a cordial reception concern in Hong Kong SAR, i.e. a 5 Star Hotel to pull off the decrease of C emanations and recommendation for decrease patterns, and giving a recommendation of renewable energy can be used.

2. Decrease of Carbon Footprint of a concern

The term C footmark has assortment figure of definitions. A C footmark can be defined as a entire sum of direct and indirect emanations of Greenhouse Gases ( GHGs ) expressed in footings of tantamount sum of Carbon dioxide CO2 emanation.

We will take a expression at how carbon footmark in a concern is made up in footings of its activities, merchandise, services and assets.

Activities and Servicess

A C footmark for an organisation is measured in metric tons of CO2 equivalent per twelvemonth, the C emanations can be summarised by activity and services as shwon in this illustration tabular array below.

Table 1 – Beginning from Environment Protection Department of Hong Kong SAR for the companies emanations by activities

Beginning of emanations

Equivalent emanations ( CO2 ) t/yr

Proportion of entire ( % )

Electricity Coevals






Other Energy Sector






Industrial Process










Product Carbon Footprints depend chiefly on the life rhythm appraisal phases included, they are normally expressed either as ‘cradle-to-gate ‘ footmarks, or ‘cradle-to-grave ‘ . Cradle-to-Gate normally entails the concern pull outing the natural stuffs and treating them, so fabricating the merchandise. At this phase another concern or organisation will manage the remainder of the life rhythm of the merchandise. Cradle-to-Grave is precisely the same as Cradle-to-Gate, nevertheless after industry, the concern continues to manage the merchandise via Distribution, Use and so Disposal.

Analyzing a concern ‘s C footmark in footings of merchandise can go an issue as multiple 3rd parties are frequently involved in the supply concatenation map, and informations aggregation becomes more hard farther down the supply concatenation, particularly for the original extraction and processing of natural stuffs ( for illustration industry of molds for casting of concrete sections ) . For this ground published life-cycle analysis consequences for basic stuffs ( such as cement, , steel fibers, sums and poly fibers ) are frequently used in merchandise C pes printing as ‘secondary informations ‘ to gauge emanations associated with extraction and processing of natural stuffs, and primary informations aggregation begins further up the supply concatenation.

Though the entire C footmark of a merchandise is made up of emanations produced at every phase of the life rhythm, many life rhythm analyses available today merely reflect a part of these procedures. The prevalence of uncomplete appraisals is non surprising given the wide dispartly in C footmark composing across different merchandises and packaging stuffs.


Assetss are normally measured against a benchmark, single plus efficiency can be monitored on a real-time footing and this will assist to uncover jobs as they begin to originate. However more frequently than non, a job merely appears upon equipment failure: with all the reverberations that could be expected. If an plus starts to devour more energy than normal and this is monitored. It can be an early warning mark.

Asset failure causes a deficiency of productiveness, downtime, and expernsive technician callout charges, this can, in certain fortunes, lead to the failure at other pieces of equipment every bit good.

In order for an organisation to truly “ ain ” its C footmark ( in footings of assets ) , it needs to be to the full cognizant of its existent size. Unless plus direction precedences have been established, an equipment stock list can non be up-to-date and can non lend valuable information to a C footmark appraisal.

Before a C footmark can be established and energy efficiency attained, each single piece of equipment throughout the organisation must be identified, categorized, togged, and monitored, this is arguably a long painstaking procedure nevertheless the procedure of togging by itself may do the concern more efficient and more focussed.

3. Why is at that place a demand to pull off the decrease of C footmark

“ bettering the concern ‘s environmental public presentation can convey about a competitory advantage, increased efficiency can ensue in increased productiveness and that means a rise in overall profitableness ” – ( Julian Matthews 2009 ) 2

A ) Cost

The CRC energy efficiency strategy ( this covers electricity usage and any fuel used for electricity coevals ) requires by jurisprudence that all concerns must hold half hourly electric metres and are required by jurisprudence to describe back on CO2 emanation yearly. There is a demand that no more than 5 % of emanations can be estimated and should this be exceeded penalities will be awarded. There is besides a all right for late coverage and the purpose by and large is to bear down companies a fee for every metric ton of CO2 that they produce ( C allowance ) , presently this fee is at $ 12/tonne and there may be fewer and fewer allowances each twelvemonth which will force this $ 12 fee up each twelvemonth. Therefore this should be a great inducement for this organisation to pull off the decrease of its C footmark by cut downing use to understate the impact of the $ / metric ton rises which will happen. This should be managed and recorded by the caput office, and we help to fix for and extinguish hereafter costs.

B ) Global Warming

The issue of Climate Change and Carbon Management has resonated with mostof society for the last twosome of old ages. Whether it has been widely agreed with or non, it is recognized as an of import concern issue. The board should see this non merely as a concern challenge, but besides an chance. Pull offing the decrease of CO2 emissions its hazard and chances is really of import to this organisation, as it will let the concern to understand how:

– Monetary value and handiness of energy will impact concern scheme

– New Torahs will impact supplier relationships and finally the monetary value of their goods and services

– Environmental ordinances will impact fight

– Public environmental actions will impact trade name

Pull offing the decrease of C footmark allows the concern to be prepared. Bing prepared is of import is this epoch of “ green ” activity and environmental alteration as different organisations try to set up their leading place and act upon the market.

degree Celsius ) Repute

These yearss environmental consideration tend to organize a big subdivision of standard tendering inquiries, such inquiries will be geared towards the decrease of C use, and hence a proper direction of C footmark decrease will put the concern in a good place to reply these inquiries in a competitory manner.

Last employees in general, like to experience as though they are making their spot to salvage the environment, therefore it is attractive to them to see that their concern is a taking organisation in C footmark decrease. Having a committed squad focused on pull offing the decrease of CO2 emanations, will set the concern in a favorable place.

D ) Improve resource efficiency

Five ways to pull off and better resource effciency

1. Insulate edifices

2. Purchase energy efficient contraptions and machinery ( often proving and supervising points )

3. Always switch off proctors when non in usage, they account for about half a computing machine ‘s energy usage

4. Investigate the viability of put ining on-site renewable energy

5. See buying energy from green duties

Tocopherol ) Summary

To summarize, why is it of import to pull off the decrease of C footmark.

The concern can…

– Better its repute with clients

– Better employee dealingss with good environmental patterns

– Salvage money by cut downing waste and usage of natural stuffs and packaging

– Salvage money by utilizing energy more expeditiously

– Return advantage of environmental revenue enhancement duties and interruptions

– Cut C emanations to drive net income

– Employees refer to work for houses with a strong green stance and it helps to pull possible recruits

– Organizations with good environmental certificates are more likely to win contracts

Electricity usage – Recommendations for Decreases

Below we have collected a list of behavioral and technological alterations that can be made to cut down energy use in an office.

Retrolux High-frequency Lighting

Many current illuming systems integrated T8 and T12 lamp engineering. The Llumarlite Retrolux T5 System allows the user to change over bing T8 and T12 lamps into cost and energy efficient T5 lamps by merely replacing the fluorescent tubing. This worthwhile exervise consequences in typical energy nest eggs of 35-40 % 3


Time-clocks guarantee that contraptions with a high electrical demand such as photocopiers, pressmans, and computing machine proctors switch off over dark and at weekends.

Communicationss Campaign

A communications run or “ switch-off ” run is frequently an effectual manner to guarantee behavioral alteration in energy usage wonts, and costs really small clip or attempt. The UK Carbon Trust advises that an consciousness run, backed by a web of title-holders, should salvage 10 % on gas and electricity measures. Techniques include spines on proctors that are left on nightlong, articles in staff newssheets, and simple postings reminding employees to exchange off contraptions.

Gas / Oil usage – Recommendations for Decreases

The gas footmark could be reduced by measuring and guaranting sufficient insularity and air-lightness in the office construction, so that warming is non beng wasted.

Loft / pit wall insularity

The insularity of suited edifices improves thermic efficiency, and cuts wasted heat and costs. The re-insulation of subdivisions of open organ pipe, valves and calorifiers in boiler suites is besides deserving sing.

Thermostatic radiator valves

Thermostatic radiator valves ( TRVs ) provide localised warming control. The Carbon Trust advises that TRVs can salvage 5 – 10 % on gas ingestion for warming, with payback periods typically around 2 old ages.

Travel – Recommendations for Decreases

Car sharing, as portion of a company-wide “ Green Travel Plan ” should be considered as a manner to cut down Diesel auto emanations from concern travel. For one or two people going to the same finish so public conveyance should be considered. For three or more so auto sharing will normally supply the lowest emanations per rider stat mi. If the auto has a little or average size engine.

Product related recommendations

Monitoring of concrete strength to look for possibilities to cut down bring arounding temperature and hence energy use. Purchase new ‘accelerating ‘ admixes necessitating less energy input for the same grade of hardening.

Recommendation of Renewable energy

Energy most normally comes from beginnings categorized as fossil fuels, such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas. Coal buring power workss produce the bulk of electricity used in concerns. When the dodo fuel supplies are depleted many things will discontinue to run. Due to this eminent truth, alternate energy beginnings will necessitate to be used in order to do up for the pit those fossil fuels will go forth. Key renewable energy resources include solar, H2O, air current, geothermic and biomass. Let ‘s reexamine each type and see which is suited for this concern.


[ Diagram ]

Wind energy can be hamessed on a big or little graduated table depending on the coveted application. Wind turbines are used to change over gesture ensuing from air current velocity in to electricity, which can be consumed straight or led in to a battery for storage.

Wind power is chiefly suited for edifices that cover big countries of land and unfastened infinite. In order for it to work more expeditiously. Wind power portions the advantages of solar power in bring forthing clean, green power, understating transmittal losingss and supplying local independent electricity supplies. The chief advantage of air current power is its cost per unit of green electricity generated when compared with solar power ( PV ) . The downside nevertheless is that air current power ( as the name provinces ) is extremely dependent on air current, and hence local air current forms must be consistent in order to hold an efficient output of energy supplied. Extensive surveying and monitoring of the system will hence be required / which will impact cost to construct.

Solar warming / electricity

[ Diagram ]

Solar heating systems utilise the Sun ‘s power either straight or indirectly. Direct use of solar power involves heating H2O straight with radiation from the Sun, where as indirect heating public-service corporations antifreeze type substances to reassign heat gained from the Sun to the H2O.

The procedure of coverting visible radiation ( photons ) straight to electricity ( electromotive force ) is known as

photovoltaic ( PV ) ; When photovoltaic stuffs absorb sunlight the solar energy knocks negatrons loose from their atoms, leting the negatrons to flux through the stuff to bring forth electricity.This procedure is referred to as photovoltaic electricity production.

The engineering requires photovoltaic panels, normally referred to as PV panels, to change over solar radiation from the Sun in to electrical current. The electrical current can so be consumed by an electrical contraption. Office lighting or into a chief battery to power the mill stored for subsequently usage.

Solar energy is a clean green renewable manner of bring forthing energy, it does non necessitate direct sunshine, so can be used in all daylight conditions. The chief issue is at dark clip, during the dark no energy will be produced, which can be debatable for dark clip working in the mill, a complimentary option may be required for dark clip working. Solar power is besides really expensive to put in, and the energy generated as a consequence may non be cost effectual for the concern. Although solar panels ( PV ) do non necessitate direct sunshine to bring forth energy, they do bring forth energy based on the strength of the daytime, therefore is daylight has low strength, the energy produced will be low and frailty versa. this means the concern may non bring forth a consistent energy supply.


Biomass consists of natural stuffs which can be harvested and burnt to bring forth heat or used to bring forth electricity indirectly. Although biomass stuffs produce C dioxide when burnt they capture and store C from the ambiance during their life rhythm. Examples of biomass stuffs include wood, straw, saw dust and waste paper. Waste stuffs such as proverb dust and all right wood splinterings are compressed to organize biomass pellets for burning. The pellets have a high volume energy denseness and are easier to hive away and distribute within a concern environment.

In order to fire biomass pellet merchandises specially designed biomass boilers are required. The boilers can be purchased to set about both hot H2O and infinite warming, or as stand alone units for individual room warming. The chief unfavorable judgment for this method is up front cost, as the pellet boiler is likely to be in the part of $ 8000.

A renewable energy resource frequently overlooked by many is that of H2O. Tidal forces can be hamessed to bring forth electricity on a commercial graduated table. However tidal installings are dearly-won and merely applicable to coastal locations, although the concern is located near the river Thames, it should be noted that there are n’t efficient tidal forces in the peculiar location available to bring forth a sensible energy supply. Locations further inland where a watercourse or larger H2O class runs down a gradient may be suited for the installing of a little graduated table hydro energy undertaking to bring forth electricity. Small scale hydro electric installings utilitise the force of the H2O to turn rotars within a generator as it flows downhill from a higher gradient.


For this concern, it would be recommended that Wind power is used to Generate electricity for the mill, the SE of England near the Thames is a blowy location as the land is low, level and exposed, the monolithic turbines wo n’t impact the overall expression of the edifice design, as the country is really industrial. It does non necessitate to be appealling to the oculus. It is besides far off from residential communities. Initially the cost and research to put in the turbines may be high, nevertheless this energy method will refund itself in the long tally. The lone chief issue could potentially be the planning permission, to raise a air current turbine.


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Part 2

Business Case

The Company is a prima building and technology service in the industry. We have been constructed a broad scope of edifice undertakings in Hong Kong and Asia for more than 20 old ages.

As a market taking contractor in Hong Kong, we are besides operate in Asia and Mainland China. The Company one-year turnover around UKA? 1 billion with straight employ 3,000 full-time employees, giving us one of the strongest building squads in Asia.

We prepare the sustainability study in order to make a complete clear platform for prosecuting our stockholders, stakeholders, work force, supply concatenation, clients and community. The sustainability study allow us to reflect our scheme. At the terminal, we will reexamine direct stakeholders feedback in finding stuff issues.



The Company are committed to guaranting that the concern activities are conducted in high ethical criterions and with long-run success. Commitment, Integrity, creativeness and invention, commercial duty and societal duty are the company based.


Sustainable development at the Company means an increasing a focal point on the equilibrating consideration of societal, environmental and economic facets when doing concern determinations.

The Company will follow Substainable Development rules as follows:

a ) To guarantee that the quality of merchandises in line with World Standards ;

B ) Safeguard in building procedure and enable the effectual direction of stuffs beginnings ;

degree Celsius ) To guarantee the safe recycling of effluent and sludge to the environment ;

vitamin D ) To better cordial reception services by supplying them in a sustainable and cost effectual manner

vitamin E ) Influence our concern spouses in working towards more sustainable hereafter.

degree Fahrenheit ) Environmental considerations were integrated into the determination marker and concern planning procedures, including amalgamation and acquisitions.

g ) To follow with all legal demands and to find and follow criterions for protection of our employees.

H ) A proved engineering will be allowed to extinguish or cut down risky stuffs, harmful discharge and waste.

I ) Establishing a formal Environmental Protection Program to put specific and mensurable ends.

J ) Preparing and doing an one-year study to sum up the company ‘s environmental activities.

K ) Supplying regular communicating and preparation to employees in environmental issues.

cubic decimeter ) To set up an confidence plan including supply regular audit in Environmental protection plan.

The Managing Director is responsible for the execution of the policies. He will do the necessary resources available to gain our corporate duties. The duty for our public presentation to this policy rests with all employees throughout the company.

Substainable Framwork

The company usage sustainable model to place of import issue within four bottom line. It includes Health and Safety, Economic and Business, Environment and Social Responsibility.

a ) Health and Safety

The Company will advance safety building to zero harm criterion in workplace. The company ‘s mark at the terminal of 2012 will be:

– Fatal accident rate at nothing

– Disabling hurt rate at nothing

– Injury to public individual rate at nothing

– Open Space

B ) Economic and Business

The company contribute with supply concatenation to sustainable development and strong economic conditions in market by follows:

– Contribution to the economic system

– To uphold unity

– To keep a good hazard direction and corporate administration

– Sustainability investing

– To make occupations

degree Celsius ) Environment

The company is careful to pull off the resource and minimise the impact to the environment. The Company will concentrate on

– Waste decrease

– Wisely in utilizing resources

– To cut down air and noise pollution

– Life rhythm analysis

– Carbon emanations, energy efficiency and preservation

– Green Landscaping

– Renewable Energy

– Carbon Footprinting

– Material Consumption and Sustainable stuffs

vitamin D ) Social Responsibility

The Company will construct a strong relationship with community by the follows:

– Work force and Staff to be valued

– Clients to providers will link to the supply concatenation

– Ambassador programme included charity work, community instruction, contributions and volunteering

– Contributing to the community

– Culture and Humanistic disciplines

Incorporate and Implementation of Corporate Responsibility

Corporate duty has played a function within the Company. The Company provided employee adjustment, instruction and wellness attention from the mid-1970s. As clip has progressed we have continued to prosecute in traditional charity attempts, but we see the value of integrating our concern cognition and accomplishments in engineering that ‘s progressive, cost effectual, and most significantly, self-sustainable.

Hospitality services provides great societal and economic benefits and bettering quality of life. This besides means that on many occasions environmental impacts can be reduced. The Companyaa‚¬a„?s design and invention are authorising people to better their supports and promote them to snuggle more sustainable of the manner of life.

The Company aims to responsibe in every facet of our concern activities. The sustainability schemes are aligned with the Comapny ‘s nucleus concern ends. We believe that moving responsibly is good for concern and a profitable concern is indispensable. We have embedded corporate duty into our concern and it is concern as usual for us. There is merely for us to carry on our concern. We are besides respects our employees, providers, clients and other stakeholders.

Enhancing efficiency, understating hazard, determining company ‘s civilization and edifice company repute are all facets of corporate duty. They can increase the Company value. We have understood that this value added as a consequence of taking responsible corporate actions. The Company ‘s end is to incorporate and set up proactive plans within our concern and it is alway to maintain sustainability in head. The Company relationship with society and behavior towards is a portion of our company ‘s trade name personality.

Our repute is based on a consistent communicating internally and extenally. We builds trust and helps develop our sustainability. We understand that it is of import to pass on clearly and accurately to the foreigners.

Sustainability is portion of a concern scheme. We analyze sustainability consistently to the related chances. We are besides continuously to better our hotel operations such as logistics.


The Company will take a scheme to decrease of waste. 4Rs of waste minimisation can be adopted.

1. Reduce. Try a figure of ways that waste can be prevented in the first topographic point by placing possible wastes at the early in the design procedure.

2. . Repair. Take a expression at all stuffs and see if they can be made new and be innovtively incorporataed into the design.

3.Reuse. How to forestall waste has been determinated, waste can be identified that can be salvaged for reuse on the current or other edifice undertaking

4. Recycle. Determine which waste stuffs can be recycled.


1 Introduction

This waste direction program is prepared to Directors of ABC Hotel Limited for utilizing this program to blow direction operation.

The intent of this program is as follows:

– to avoid unneeded waste generated by staff.

– reduction, mending, recycling and recycling waste generated from hotel

– Hong Kong SAR jurisprudence and statute law shall be complied

The hotel has 80 bed suites with restraurant.

2. Calculation of waste volumes generated

Waste can be divided into recycable and non-recyclable. We estimated the volume of waste will be generated as follows:

Non-Recycable Waste:

Location Rate of Waste generated Non-RecyableWasteGenerated

No. of Beds Litres / Bed / Day Litres / Day

80 6 480

Entire p/week 3,360

Recycable Waste:

Location Rate of Waste generated Non-RecyableWasteGenerated

No. of Beds Litres / 100m2 /Areas/ Day Litres / Day

80 2 160

Entire p/Week 1,120

3. Recommendations to Waste Management

Non-Recycling / Recycling

Recycling and Rubblish will be collected by cleaning staffs and bringing to take down cellar and stored them in the specific rubblish shop room.

Waste collected from external

Waste and recycling in hotel will be stored in the specific loading country at lower cellar.

Organic Waste

Organic waste will be handled by the responsible forces to keep in landscaping countries.

4. Recommendation of Waste Equipments

Some waste equipments will be recommended for covering with waste.

Non-Recycled Waste

Collection containers. Some waste aggregation service supplier provide a service to roll up waste. We recommend to rental two aggregation containers and order waste aggregation supplier to roll up waste twice a hebdomad.

Recycled Waste

Collection containers. Same as non-recycled waste, we recommend to rental one aggregation containers and order waste aggregation supplier to roll up waste every hebdomad.

Rubblish Rooms & A ; Rubblish Areas

An country will be allocated for rubblish storage and aggregation country at lower cellar degree. All reclaimable waste will be collected every hebdomad and non-recyclable waste will be collected twice a hebdomad.

5. Recommendation of decrease of C footmark

( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair )


– utilizing paper on both sides for photocoping and printing

– Document can be printed in computing machine as electronic version to salvage paper

– Swith off computing machines, pressmans, duplicators after office hours

– Bargain bulk packaging stuffs to cut down packaging waste

– Lease of duplicators and computing machine equipments alternatively of purchasing them to minimise waste when the systems need to be upgraded

– Energy-efficient heat pump can be used to provide hot H2O can besides cut down C emanation

– Standby clip of nutrient cookery equipment should be minimized

– Refigerator doors do non open often

– Less meat and more vegetable can cut down C footmark

– Less rice for tiffin or dinner in fast nutrient eating house is penchant

– Replace paper towels with hand-dryers or fabric towels

– Company drivers avoid to drive transcending high velocity and brake to cut down C emanation

– Company vehicles can non transport overload in order to cut down C emanation

– Company staff prefer to follow video-conferencing and cut down air going

– Reducing to utilize lifts if go to one or two floors

– Use water-based pigments alternatively of solvent-based pigments


– Choose merchandises that can be refilled

– Use re-usable dishes, java filters and glass cups

– Reuse wadding stuffs

– Contact providers to take back their packaging stuffs for reuse

– Reuse repaired equipment instead than utilize new


– Three-colour bins labelled “ Fictile bottles ” , “ Aluminum tins ” and “ Scrap Paper ” to advance waste recycling

– Offprint wood, plastic and bit metal from industrial waste for recycling

– Old electronic contraptions, furniture and old computing machines can be donated to charity parties


– Energy efficient lamps can be used such as compact fluorescent lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps and light breathing rectifying tube ( LED ) lamps

– Multiple light switches for separate zones in a big country can be used

– Water-cooled air-conditioning system can be used to salvage electricity and cut down C emanation

– Split-type air-conditioning system can be used

– Air filter should be cleaned on a regular basis