The Financial Crisis In Dubai And Nakheel Properties

Legal and ethical issues of any company are considered as one of the most of import facet of concern. In this undertaking I am traveling to research on the subject associating fiscal crisis in Dubai and Nakheel Properties. This subject has been chosen because it is one of the recent activities which happened in Dubai and sing the legal and the ethical issues, it is demoing the legal and the ethical factors of Nakheel Properties who was no agreed on barricading the money to the Dubai authorities for six months because of which the full economic system had to confront jobs because of obstruction of money in the market because of which there was no proper flow of money in the market.

This undertaking is divided into four chief subdivisions. First subdivision describes the subject on which we are traveling to research the topic of our analysis. Second subdivision will take attention of the legal issues involved in the described subject on which the full treatment is based. Third subdivision will transport out all the results of the state of affairs which we are discoursing and the last subdivision will take attention of what else could hold been done or what were the options for the same state of affairs which would hold the taken the scenario into a better manner.

Subtopic: Dubai Financial Crisis, Boom Bust policy of Central Bank of UAE and Nakheel Properties

What happened and why?

In November of 2009, Dubai metropolis of UAE was hit by an instant fiscal crisis. Main ground behind the fiscal crisis was that Nakheel Properties was agreed to stop dead the money was to be used as a debt refund to the Dubai Government for 6 months. Moment, this information came out ; there was a declared fiscal crisis in the metropolis. However the consequence was non on the other emirates of UAE because these emirates like Abu Dhabi is non related to existent estate and their chief economic system is based on oil ( Shostak, 2009 ) .

Main cause because of which this fiscal crisis occurred was the obstruction of money with Nakheel Properties who are the builders of The Palm Island in UAE. There was no flow of money remained in the market because of which heavy crisis came into action. This was one of the most sudden fiscal crises of all clip. There are assorted people who commented on the position of Nakheel Properties and said that there could non be a mistake of these belongings developers but there could be a mistake of the Bankss who have lent money to Dubai World Properties.

This was such a immense event that it was named as an oasis of debt. This was a debt because of all the building undertakings which ruined the flow of money and there was no gait left in the market sing the flow of hard currency which made the state of affairs worst.

What were the legal issues involved

There were assorted legal issues involved in this state of affairs. Main legal ambiance in the issue was the execution of roar flop policy by the authorities of UAE- Central Bank. There was a necessary leap required in the money. It had become necessary for assorted activities in Dubai that money pumping has been made necessary. There was immense money pumping between the old ages 2006 to 2008. In October 2006, there was a pecuniary growing of 4 per centum in the balance sheet of Central Bank of UAE but with in merely one twelvemonth this pecuniary growing went up to 177 per centum

With such a great pump in the money there were assorted activities emerged in the metropolis which required pecuniary pumping for certain. When Nakheel Properties has announced that it would non pay its debt before six months at that place was a immense daze to the authorities because it was felt that there will be no pumping in the pecuniary state of affairs of the metropolis hence there will be jobs all about.

Nakheel Properties was non the exclusive ground for the fiscal crisis in the metropolis. It has been metropolis from the starting of the twelvemonth that there had been a great lessening in the pecuniary plumping in the economic system. The degree of economic plumping had gone down to minus 36 per centum and hence with the understanding of Nakheel Properties of non paying debt for the following six month was a cock of the hot rod ( The planetary economic and fiscal crisis: regional impacts, responses and solutions, 2009 ) .

There were some other legal considerations which were there in the full state of affairs. This state of affairs was based on the support provided by Central Bank of UAE to Dubai metropolis in order to get the better of from the fiscal crisis.

All the legal consideration was based on the monolithic disbursement of the authorities of the building activities traveling on in the metropolis. One of the most likely defaults for the two largest pudding stones which are sponsored by the authorities of UAE are the chief flicker in the fiscal crisis of the metropolis. There has been a petition put up by the authorities of Dubai to stop dead the payment of $ 80 billion debt for the following six months. One of the most of import factors which lead to the fiscal crisis in the metropolis was the debut of roar flop policies by the cardinal. However cardinal bank has helped a batch but still the root cause of the job initiated from there merely. There was a batch of enlargement in the concern in Dubai which has lead to the addition in the pecuniary pumping up to a big extent. Because of all this there was a immense growing in the pecuniary plumping in one twelvemonth i.e. from the twelvemonth 2006 to 2007. After that a bubble in the growing of the pecuniary plumping blasted which made the rates of every thing gone high in order to cover up the loss but that was non sufficient.

What were the results?

As a consequence of this fiscal crisis in Dubai, the authorities of Dubai has sing a sale of its belongingss of province. In this sale at that place will sale of one of the most celebrated ships of the universe, QE 2 i.e. The Queen Elizabeth II. It is besides be aftering to sell the investing arm of the metropolis, Isthitmar World in order to reconstitute the debt finance ( Fund, 2009 ) .

The concluding result of the state of affairs was that there was a fiscal crisis in Dubai because of this hold in the refund of debt to Nakheel Properties and some other bomber ordinates because of which the full job began but there is another thing which has come into image because of this fiscal crisis and that is the power and the back uping behaviour of the cardinal bank of UAE. Central Bank of UAE has given an aid of $ 10 Billion to the metropolis in order to deliverance from the fiscal crisis. It is true that this sum of money is non sufficient for Dubai to come to the older scenario but it is more than plenty for the metropolis to come out of the fiscal crisis so that the metropolis can travel towards the comfortable life once more.

Equally far as the result from the Nakheel belongingss is concerned, Nakheel Properties agreed to stop dead the money of Dubai Government for the period of six months which was a big sum of clip for any company to take such a immense sum of debt after the concluding entry day of the month. This was the major ground for the fiscal crisis in the metropolis because of obstruction in the flow of money.

Central Bank of UAE became ready to pay for the short term losingss which occurred because of all such activities of fiscal downswing which occurred in Dubai. There was a strong banking system implemented in the metropolis and there was a surety among the people that this support by cardinal bank of UAE, there will be once more a improvement of the metropolis shortly.

How could the state of affairs been dealt with otherwise?

There would hold been another manner of covering the state of affairs. This issue was handled in an absolute individual manner. This was non a both sided attack because in this state of affairs, all the jobs had to be aced by the Central Bank of UAE and there were no limitation put on the Nakheel Properties sing refund of the debt at a ulterior phase. When a necessary clip has been issued by the authorities of Dubai to refund the debt so at that clip refund of loan should hold been at that place but this did non go on

The full job had to be faced by the cardinal bank of UAE which finalized all its programs to assist Dubai to get the better of from the state of affairs of fiscal crisis but the support that it gave to the metropolis was singular and would hold to be appreciated to the nucleus because there was a really speedy recovery in the economic state of affairs of Dubai even after the fiscal crisis which was non at all expected.

Therefore, there could hold been an other option which could hold been taken into consideration for work outing this job. A portion of debt should hold been repaid by Nakheel Properties and if it would non hold been ready some limitations would hold been put on the company so that authorities should hold benefited from them. Along with this, a portion should hold been given by Central Bank of UAE. Then the load on Central Bank of UAE would hold been less.


Hence we can state that legal and ethical issues in any state of affairss are necessary. We have seen in the undertaking that because of some legal and ethical consideration, cardinal bank of UAE has helped the metropolis to get the better of from the state of affairs of fiscal crisis and the support was such a wonderful that it rescued the metropolis in a speedy clip.