The Twice Exceptional Students Education Essay

In the concluding analysis, pupils who are both talented and larning handicapped must larn how to be their ain advocators. They must finally take callings that will stress their strengths. In making so they will run into others who think, feel, and create as they do ” ( Baum, 199 ) .

Twice- exceptional defined by and large as pupils who had both eligibility standard for giftedness and acquisition disablements.

This research is about twice exceeding pupils those who are gifted and holding larning disablements ( LD ) in Saudi Arabia. This survey will concentrate on the aid needed for gifted with LD pupils, from instructors, disposal and parents to be able to success.


Working as simple instructor and activities manager in a school which integrate disable pupils with other pupils gave me the opportunity to run into exceeding pupils, which develop involvement in this subject.

Twice exceptional had non been identified in most schools in Saudi Arabia. The demand of this survey increases in order to: stipulate how to find talented pupil LD, what are their features, what the schemes to utilize to assist them win at school.

There are two separate plans in the ministry of instruction: one for gifted and talented, the 2nd for larning disablements, which means there is a demand to set the lineation for success schemes for exceeding pupils. The methods used are analysing informations from study for instructors in khobar Girls Schools. The twice exceeding pupils are non recognizable in most of Saudi schools and there is one research which took the consequences from male childs ‘ schools.

The instructor ‘s ability to acknowledge talented LD pupils will stipulate the first measure. The first measure how is instructors or parents specify them, what diagnostic method is used around the universe in order to cognize the single demands. What sort of aid given to pupils after that. The effectual arrangement where does it take topographic point? Who determine the arrangement?

Literature Review

Teaching scientific discipline through assorted instructional techniques in order to make effectual scientific discipline acquisition was the purpose of the instructors. The instructional schemes include schemes used in school in formal, or outside the school, which considered as informal acquisition. Informal scientific discipline acquisition could happen in scientific discipline museums, scientific discipline centres, Parkss, menagerie, and Natural History Park. The first definition of informal larning harmonizing to Crane Nicholson & A ; Chen:

‘Informal larning refers to activities that occur outside the school scene, are non developed chiefly for school usage, are non developed to be portion of ongoing school course of study, and are characterized by voluntary as opposed to compulsory engagement as portion of a credited school experience. Informal larning experience may be structured to run into a stated set of aims and may act upon attitudes, convey information, and/ or alteration behaviour ‘ ( p. 3 ) .

There was anther difiniton for informal acquisition, which support formal acquisition. For illustration the museum exhibit ( Avi & A ; Sherman, 1996 ) .

Harmonizing to Colin the procedure of informal acquisition, which occured in scientific discipline centres start from attractive force so prosecuting the visitant to stop with ownership. This learning procedure reflects meaningful day-to-day life. Colin thought it is difficult to roll up grounds of acquisition because it wo n’t be seen during the visit ( Johnson, 2005 ) .

Measuring the acquisition result, and researching the effectivity of pupil experience at the museum, would assist to be after the future exhibit, which is one of the chief purpose of the developer of the museums and centres. From this prospective came the Marvel undertaking ( Museum Actively Researching Visitor Experience and larning ) , which is methodological survey as a collaborative work between the university of engineering Sydney, the Australian Museum, Environmetrics Pty Ltd and the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

The mark of the survey is to mensurate the effectivity of the appraisal tools developed for Australian Museum, and Botanic Garden, and could be used by any member without experience of rating, in order to look into the grade, nature and outcomes benchmark of larning that take topographic point in an exhibition, and portion the consequences with others.

The squad considers how visitant are larning non merely what they learned. They reflect understanding of the influence of single experience of his point of position on the same exhibit than other individual. The attack to mensurate visitants ‘ larning autumn in three classs: ‘ visitants ‘ apprehension of the large thoughts of an exhibition, visitants ‘ personal declarations of their acquisition, and visitants ‘ discernible behaviors that indicated acquisition was go oning ‘ ( p.5 ) . The squad used different tools, and schemes to mensurate each one.

The schemes used for looking for apprehension of the large thoughts were two schemes. One of them is the narrative method, and the other unfastened ended inquiry.

Pty Ltd ( Gillian Savage ) invented The Modes of Learning Inventory ( MOLI ) , which construction the interviews of the visitants ‘ to uncover their ain position of their acquisition from an exhibit.

The visitants ‘ behaviors observed visually or by listening to the conversation to bespeak how they learned. The behaviours toward exhibition were recorded every 30 seconds.

These schemes applied through three tests on the Australian Museum, and Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Modification and combination have been made to make the best pattern for each scheme.

The determination of this survey indicates that to hold a clear image of the visitant whole experience should utilize all the schemes that have been implemented to give different sight of larning. Besides it found the issue study was the easiest and quickest manner compared with the ocular observation, which needs more clip, and the tool which helps to garner much information was the listening tool ( Griffin, Kelly, Savage, & A ; Hatherly, 2005 ) .

A survey of guided school Tourss at a Museum of Natural History of Los Angles investigated how the content communicated to pupils, and weather it complete scientific discipline reform recommendations.

The observation made on 30 school group from 2nd class to eighth class. The chief observation, that the docent used instructional method to take the circuit with factual or close- ended inquiries with concentration on the facts, and the narratives disregarding the general constructs, and large thoughts following specific scenario, without demoing consideration to single or cultural impact.

The instructors gave recommendations to better the guided Tours. The suggestions include offering more synergistic activities through the exhibits or more un-structured clip for the pupils to detect the exhibition freely, and associate it to day-to-day application.

The nature of the guided circuit through this survey as talking base, and the absence of societal interaction goes against ( Falk & A ; Dierking, 2000 ) point of position of informal scientific discipline acquisition, which see the acquisition as an interaction consequence of personal, sociocultural, and physical context ( Cox-Peterson, D.Marsh, Kisiel, & A ; M.Melber, 2003 ) .

Data aggregation

The Center

This survey took topographic point in Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz scientific discipline and engineering centre ( Scitech ) in Al- khobar metropolis. The centre includes seven chief exhibit halls: Discovery Oasis, Earth and Space, The Living World, Our Beautiful Seas, Wonders of Science, and Amazing Technology, with different sort of exhibit including synergistic exhibit, skeleton, objects, and simulators. There is besides scientific dome with I-Max Theater, and an astronomic observatory ( Scitech, 2012 ) .

The school misss ‘ experiences

Datas collected through two ways observation to the construction of the school circuit, and interviews ( Cox-Peterson, D.Marsh, Kisiel, & A ; M.Melber, 2003 ) with groups of eight misss public school visit from first Grade to sixth Grade. Each school group contain from 50-60 pupils with 2-3 instructors. The schools have been scheduled by the ministry of instruction in the clip the information was collected cover the bulk of hapless vicinities at Khobar and Dammam.

As simple schools the visit way was guided circuit, and contains three exhibit halls, chosen by the scientific discipline communicator of the centre harmonizing to the simple course of study, and the I-Max Film. The halls are: Earth and Space, The Living World, Our Beautiful Seas. The movies were “ Arabia 3DA ” , and “ Journey to Mecca ” .

The method used to detect pupils ‘ experience was exit interview with the pupil and the instructors.

Four to seven pupils from each school ( n=32 ) were asked the undermentioned inquiries:

What do you like most about your circuit?

What is the unforgettable experience in your circuit?

Which exhibit you like most?

What do you larn from the exhibition?

Ten Teachers were asked the undermentioned inquiry:

Did you plan the visit including pre- visit or station visit activities?

What was your function?

What is your rating of the visit on graduated table of 1-5?

What do you propose to better the school trip to the centre?


The written observations of the construction of the guided circuit and the behaviour of pupils, instructors, and scientific discipline communicators reviewed. The sound recorded for the pupils, and teacher interviews was played twice to do a general thought about the pupil experience at the scientific discipline centre so to stipulate the impact of the experience on misss: the most sympathetic portion of the circuit, the unforgettable experience, the gratifying exhibit and what they learned.

This survey was limited to the figure of the group visited the centre in the clip of the aggregation of informations, and the Grade degree that all the groups were simple public schools. It was difficult to detect behaviours in the exhibit halls, because of the figure of each group between 50 -60 misss move together in limited infinite.


The consequence will be presented in two subdivisions. The first subdivision is the construction of the circuit, which is done through observations, and the 2nd is pupils, and instructors ‘ interviews that been recorded.

Structure of the circuit

The circuit structured by the scientific discipline communicator to include three exhibits hall. Each scientific discipline communicator is responsible about specific hall. The scientific discipline communicator introduces the subject of the hall briefly, and started a group circuit, which the pupils, instructors and the scientific discipline communicator move together. The scientific discipline communicator chose specific exhibits for each group seting inconsiderateness the Grade degree of each group. After scientific discipline communicator accounts of the exhibits pupils were given free clip to research the exhibit hall. The clip for each hall was about 15 minute for each hall. The sum for the circuit of the halls was 45 proceedingss, and 45 proceedingss for the I-MAX film. The information below was collected for “ The Living World ” hall.

The guided circuit:

Fifty fourth-grade misss from the 6th simple school at khobar the trip started at 8: 45am. The scientific discipline communicator J: gave description of the visit way so walked with the group through the hall entryway. She said: This hall is “ The Living World ” we will take a little journey with some exhibits to research the human organic structure, animate beings, and workss, and I will steer you through certain exhibits so you will hold the clip to research and interact with exhibit you want at the hall.

She chose the skeleton exhibit, which is an synergistic exhibit demo how the skeleton moves when we ride the motorcycle. One miss chose to sit the motorcycle and the remainder of the group observed the skeleton motion at the same clip. The scientific discipline communicator had to state the misss that they would seek the same exhibit if their adequate clip. She asked different inquiries factual inquiries, such as, ” how many castanetss on human skeleton? “ , and inquiry depending on observation of the exhibit like “ what are the bone you can see traveling when your friend rides the motorcycle? ” Most of the inquiries were close ended or factual, and the respond of the misss depend on old cognition.

The other exhibit was camel skeleton, which it grabs the misss ‘ attending before the scientific discipline communicators talk. The conversation between the misss was about “ for which animate being is this skeleton? ” some misss thought that it is for a dinosaur while the other acknowledge it as a camel. They discuss the differences together, while the scientific discipline communicator confirms that it is camel, and gave information about the camel, and his life home ground at desert. Besides the foetal growing phases exhibit was introduced to the group in talking manner. At 8:55 the misss had the opportunity to research the hall freely.

The observations have been seen on the other hall “ Earth and Space ” was around ” experience the power of an temblor ” exhibit. The scientific discipline communicator introduces the exhibit by stating: you will hold the opportunity to experience the power of an Earth quick with three degrees two, four and six Richter. She explains what Richter is, and how the power of an Earth speedy measured. The pupils asked to aline in groups of seven to seek the Earth speedy place. They were so aroused to seek it. After that they explore the hall freely. The scientific discipline communicator function in this phase was limited to teach the pupils on how to manage the exhibits and doing certain of girls behavior.

The 3rd hall is “ Our Beautiful Sea ” . Science Communicator H talked to the misss about the fish tank different sort of fish, particularly, the shark, the polo-neck, and the elephantine serpent fish. The scientific discipline communicator ever has trouble in this hall to do pupils listen to the information about the different fish tank. Alternatively the pupils go around the fish tank to detect the sea animals, while it moves about. The statements heard for illustration were: “ see the large fish.what it is? ” “ Shark the scientific discipline communicator said ” “ how the little fish non was eaten by the large shark or beaten by the serpent fish? ” .The scientific discipline communicator rematch to them if she listen to their inquiries.

The analysis of the observation showed that:

Most of the scientific discipline communicator focal point on the

5 – 4 – 5 -7 – 4 – 4 – 3

4 instructor -3- 2


The survey focuses on the designation of talented pupils with larning disablements, in order to assist pupils. Twice exceeding had non been identified in most schools in Saudi Arabia. The demand of this survey increases in order to: stipulate how to find talented pupil LD, what are their features, what the schemes to utilize to assist them win at school.

The instructor ‘s ability to acknowledge talented LD pupils will stipulate the first measure. The first measure what sort of designation is suited, what diagnostic trial is used around the universe in order to cognize the single demands. What sort of aid given to pupils after that. The effectual arrangement where does it take topographic point? Who determine the arrangement?

The features of twice exceeding involves: Gifted features and larning disablements ( LD ) , which form alone persons, require particular single plan Psychologists characterized talented pupils with larning disablements, more than 20 old ages age. Different suggestion was given without supportive research in psycho educational appraisal, and some depend on recent researches

Harmonizing to Whitmore and shaper ( 1985 ) , the population of talented LD was seen as: Intellectually gifted persons with specific larning disablements are the most misjudged, misunderstood, and neglected section of the pupil population and the community. Teacher, school counsellors, and others frequently overlook marks of rational giftedness and locus attending on such shortages as hapless spelling, reading, and composing. ( p. 204 )

In Saudi Arabia, in early 1990 ‘s a teacher readying plan in larning disablements started.gifted plan instructor readying followed in late 1990 ‘s by King Saud University. Not all instructors get developing on how to place talented or handicapped pupils. Subsequently the first survey about exceeding pupil was presented by Abdullah Al-Musa with title “ Factors Related to Saudi Teachers Identifying and Placing Students Who are Twice Exceptional: Gifted and Learning Disabled ” ( Al-mousa A. ) .

This survey conducted from instructor in Saudi Arabia. Surveys take a topographic point at Girls Elementary School at Khobar metropolis, which include gifted and talented bunch. The information collected step the apprehension of twice exceeding pupils ‘ features and demands from misss ‘ instructors and the placement handiness. This research will reflect the world of talented LD in talented bunchs.


The consequence shows that the standards needed to place the feature of twice exceeding misss is good known and of import to most of the instructor in the bunchs. The talented or talented with troubles placement in most of school is in the talented plan or handicapped and no particular designation standards or arrangement for twice exceptional.

The deduction of the research is the demand for designation toolkit to supply designation program for schools ( Mary & A ; William, 2007 ) .

The right arrangement for twice exceeding persons prevent from the impact of misdiagnosis.there is a demand to make particular plan for twice exceptional, which is non available.