Why Should We Conserve Forests

A great variety of plants and animals exist on earth. They are essential for the survival of mankind. Today , a major threat to survival of these organisms is deforestation. We know that deforestation means clearing forests and using the land for other purposes. Trees in the forestare cut for procuring land for cultivation,building houses and factories and making furniture or using wood as fuel. Some natural causesof deforestation are forest fires and severe droughts. We know that deforestation disturbs the balance in nature.

If cutting of trees continues, rainfall and the fertility of the soil decrease. Moreover, there will be increased chancesof natural calamities such as floods and droughts. To protect our flora fauna and habitats, protected areas called sanctuaries , national parks and biosphere reserves have been earmarked. Plantation, cultivation, grazing, felling trees, hunting and poaching are prohibited there. Sanctuaries are Areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat. National parks are Areas reserved for wild life where they can freely use the habitats and natural resources.

Biosphere reserves are large areas of protected land for conservation of wild life, plant and animal resources and traditional life of the tribals living in the area. we should conserve forests to maintain eco system in the world, if forests are depleted continuously then global warming effect will increase and natural disasters will take place which disturb ecosystem global warming or green house effect is caused due to increase in the amount of carbondioxide in the air or atmosphere.

It absorbs the heat of the sunlight and it does not let some amount of heat to go out of the atmosphere due to which ice sheets are melting continuously and amount of water in oceans is increasing day by day and floods are taking place. So its our duty to conserve forests for the future generation. save forests save life.