A Study Of Natural Disasters In Jamaica Environmental Sciences Essay

Harmonizing to Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica ( PIOJ ) Professor Gladstone Hutchinson, it has been estimated that natural catastrophes have cost more than JMD $ 100 billion over the past 20 old ages. In Jamaica implosion therapy and landslides account for most of the natural catastrophes on the island. These catastrophes can normally be attributed to the transition of a storm or hurricane. The followers are some noteworthy systems that affected the island holding important impact on the Jamaican economic system.

In 1987 Jamaica was hit by this depression, which claimed the lives of six individuals. It was estimated that about wasA $ 1.802 million USD in harm

The authorities stated that the state received an estimated $ 587,500 USD worth of harm to roadways, $ 11,000 USD to the public-service corporations, $ 836,000 USD to the agribusiness sector and about $ 372,000 USD to the wellness system. The entire harm reached $ 1.802 million USD

5500 Jamaicans were placed on complementary nutrient aid by the World Food Program. The United States Agency of International Development ( USAID ) delivered $ 398,000 of exigency supplies in the signifier of mattresses, covers, plastic sheeting, hygiene kits and H2O containers. A US $ 200,000 grant was provided by the Inter-American Development Bank ( IDB ) for the alleviation attempt. The Chinese Red Cross aided by directing US $ 30,000 to the Jamaican subdivision for exigency supplies.

The World Bank board of managers approved an exigency loan of US $ 10million in December 2007. This money was used in the Jamaica Hurricane Dean Emergency Recovery Project. The World Bank Director for the Caribbean and the Finance Minister negotiated a 17 twelvemonth refund program for the loan.

The Hurricane Dean Emergency Recovery Project was spear headed by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund commenced in June 2008. The money was used to make the followers

Rebuild schools

Rebuild and support wellness centres

Rebuild and support affected communities

Rebuild farm roads

The followers is a list of the estimated amendss done to the agricultural sector

80-100 % of banana harvest

75 % of java trees & lt ; 3 old ages

40 % of sugar cane harvest

20 % of chocolate harvest

On 24th August the Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, made an proclamation that the authorities will be supplying $ 225 million JMD in assistance of the state ‘s agricultural sector.

Hurricane Charley

The lone human death in Jamaica was a adult male who was swept off by inundation Waterss whilst trying to deliver his household. Officials allocated approximately JMD $ 7.6A million ( $ 86,000A USD ) to mend damaged roads throughout the state. Roadss in Saint Elizabeth sustained significant harm, with 32 separate roads sing terrible impacts bing $ 4.23A million JMD ( $ 48,000 USD ) . Residents in countries that sustained terrible agricultural losingss besides requested aid from the authorities.

Initial appraisals of agricultural losingss from the storm reached $ 300A million JMD ( $ 3.4A million USD ) .

Hurricane Dennis

This hurricane hit the island as a class 3 hurricane conveying with it heavy rainfall and strong blast s. More than 610 millimeter of rain fell in the cragged parts of the island doing widespread flash implosion therapy.

Damage done by this system was an about $ 1.9 billion JMD ( $ 31.6 million USD )

Hurricane Ivan

A Flooding in the metropolis of Kingston was deemed a “ major calamity ” .A Roads throughout the part were left unpassable due to toss off trees and public-service corporation poles.A The bulk of touristry and resort countries suffered “ chiefly decorative harm and all constructions remained chiefly integral ” . Overall, 17A people were killed in Jamaica and 18,000A people were left homeless as a consequence of the inundation Waterss and high air currents. Damage on the island totalledA $ 360A million USD

Hurricane Emily

Landslides were reported in eastern Jamaica triggered by heavy rain as the storm passed South of the island Five people were killed due to an accident caused by brassy implosion therapy amendss in Jamaica were estimated at $ 65A million JMD

Hurricane Gustav ( 2008 )

Jamaica ‘s authorities ministry ab initio estimated US $ 41.8A million in harm to the route substructure in the country.A Entire harm in Jamaica was estimated at $ 210 million.


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