College Major and Career I Search Project

College. The word used to intimidate me. I did n’t cognize when I should see colleges, how to put up a visit, or what colleges to see. When I looked at college web sites, the information they provided overwhelmed me enough that I gave up on research. I did n’t cognize what to make with the propaganda the colleges send me day-to-day, each claiming to be the best school for me. Some claim that everything I could inquire for is waiting at their college, but they do n’t cognize who I am. Others tell me their college has the best installations for the major I plan to analyze, but they do n’t cognize my planned major. After I got past the emphasis that it brings, college research became easier.

I believe a cardinal rule to a fulfilling life is to happen personal felicity. My way to happiness introduced itself when I foremost picked up a flute, subsequently a guitar and a keyboard. I ca n’t make up one’s mind on a peculiar calling in music right now, but some thoughts are solidifying in my caput. My first pick is a executing instrumentalist, and my 2nd pick composing music for films. I have an chance to go a lighting applied scientist, because of my old experience, but I want to concentrate on music for now.

I figured that a good first measure was to happen a major to declare. As I did my research, I realized that cognizing the difference among music big leagues would be helpful to find a major I want to prosecute. After sing several sites, it became apparent that the music big leagues would alter based on the university, but the big leagues that stayed the same among schools were by and large Music Performance, Music Education, Music Business, Music Engineering ( or some signifier of it ) , and Music Composition ( ) . Based on my personal involvements, I narrowed this list to Music Performance and Music Composition.

I used those two big leagues to get down my hunt for colleges. Knowing what I wanted to make do this procedure a batch easier than it would hold been. Mrs. Kelley, a counsel counsellor of mine, told me that Scituate High School does “ hold colleges come to see our school but by and large it is for seniors and they come in the autumn ” ( E-mail Interview ) . I started my hunt with colleges I already knew approximately, such as URI, Salve Regina University, and University of New Haven. I toured these schools during the February school interruption, so these schools were natural topographic points for me to get down. URI and Salve Regina both offer a ‘Music-General ‘ grade. The University of New Haven ‘s big leagues, on the other manus, include Music, Music Industry, and Music and Sound Recording ( University of New Haven: Undergraduate Programs ) . I found myself a small demoralized that none of them had any music public presentation big leagues, but I continued my research for University of New Haven because the Music and Sound Recording major sounded interesting. Their music section houses two fully-equipped entering studios, which appealed to me. I was able to obtain the category agenda for each of their three music big leagues every bit good, and the Music and Sound Recording major includes public presentation categories, every bit good as recording categories, music history categories, and movie music categories ( University of New Haven ) . From looking at the agenda, I think that the categories are all-around and they may run into my outlooks. Berklee tore me apart mentally because they offered non merely a music public presentation major, but besides a composing major, and a movie hiting major ( BERKLEE | Programs and Major leagues at Berklee ) . These big leagues appeal to me, so I would happen it hard to take one, but I would most likely choose the public presentation major.

I knew that I would happen better plans and categories if I went to a purely music school, so my research shifted to a Google hunt of the best music schools in the state. The consequences included Berklee College of Music, The Blair School of Music ( in Vanderbilt University ) , Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Juilliard School of Music ( Zheng ) . After sing the web sites of these schools, Berklee remains at the top of my college list, because it focuses the most on modern-day music. I play both flute and guitar, and I want to be able to go on my surveies for both of these instruments in college. I ‘ve concluded the freedom to analyze both instruments will be a confining factor because the chance is really rare in colleges. None of the schools I have looked at so far will let me to analyze both instruments ; they make you declare a chief instrument. Once once more, Berklee remains the best pick because even though you are still required to hold a chief instrument, they have ‘labs ‘ that allow you to analyze other instruments ( David Jiles Jr. , Tour Guide Berklee College of Music ) . I ‘m having a keyboard for my birthday shortly, and I will be larning that every bit good as voice, so I know it will be helpful to go to a school that will be flexible with instruments. My private instructor for flute, Mrs. Deborah James, told me that “ many private instructors in college do n’t like you playing more than one instrument because they feel they have to contend for your clip on a peculiar instrument ” ( Personal Interview ) .

Another not-so-pressing factor in taking a school is the location. In an ideal state of affairs, I would be in a school located in a large adequate metropolis to hold a nice music scene, but in an country where I besides have the chance to acquire off from people for a piece, because I need that balance in my life. The one thing I would n’t bask about go toing Berklee is populating in the center of Boston. Any school in New York is a similar state of affairs. University of New Haven was face-to-face, because it was really privy, but it was excessively secluded for my liking. I think I ‘ll be able to compromise and populate in a large metropolis if the school is precisely what I want. I think in the long tally, location is n’t highly of import, but should be considered.

Musicians do n’t truly necessitate grades for their line of work. During my interview with David Jiles Jr. , analyzing at Berklee College of Music, he said that “ holding a grade in music can greatly assist you, because there ‘s a higher opportunity that employers would engage you if you can turn out that you ‘ve really studied music at a university, instead than merely picked up and instrument and taught yourself ” ( Telephone Interview ) . Employers like to see the accreditation that a instrumentalist has so they feel more confident about who they ‘re engaging. My dream occupation has ever been to be a lead guitar player in a set touring the universe, but I ‘ve realized that there are other good chances for work as a instrumentalist. One option is a studio instrumentalist, or session creative person, during which I would co-write vocals and aid enter them in the studio for usage in Television shows, films, and picture games ( Session Musician – Music Career ) . I think this calling would appeal to me, but I would n’t acquire the same sort of bang from it as from being a acting instrumentalist. Another option would be composing movie tonss for films. This would include composing original pieces for a specific film, and carry oning the orchestra that plays the music. If I choose movie marking, I will necessitate to larn a batch more about how to utilize Digital Performer, ProTools, and Finale, every bit good hold a “ on the job practical cognition of music theory ” ( Cerny 1 ) . The music industry is ever turning, and I ‘m certain that there will be a occupation for me.

I know that acquiring into school requires a batch of work, dedication, and attempt, but I think I ‘m eventually ready for this challenge. I ‘ve been able to maintain my classs up in school, and I ‘ve been to a great extent involved in music since an early age. I am confident that I will stop up in a school I will be happy and successful in. Making the research for this paper helped to open my eyes into more colleges and callings sooner than I likely would hold otherwise. I am now be aftering more visits to colleges, and will be looking into fixing pieces for my hearings at colleges. In short, I ‘m truly get downing to look frontward to the remainder of my life.