Effect of pollution on heritage structure Essay

This write up is a outline to the thesis. ‘Effect of pollution on Delhi heritage construction Jantar Mantar. ’ It gives an overview of the contents that the concluding research paper is likely to cover the consequence of different types of pollutions like air. visible radiation. sound etc. & A ; pollutants on the stuffs used for building of Jantar Mantar & A ; besides the different techniques to forestall pollution in that country. Keywords: Effect. pollutants. techniques. Introduction: Heritage constructions are known as individuality of our state & A ; as citizens of this state it is our responsibility to protect them.

Jantar Mantar is one of the of import heritage constructions in Delhi. We by and large use electrical devices or books to acquire information about clip. astrological informations. twelvemonth calendar. place of Sun. Moon at peculiar yearss but in Jantar Mantar this information is conveyed straight through instruments placed their. Purpose: To analyze consequence of pollution on Delhi’s heritage construction Jantar Mantar. Aims: •Study of different types of pollutants & A ; their consequence on construction. •To study the different types of pollution degree in that peculiar country. •To findout assorted techniques to preotect the construction from pollution.

Scope of survey: •Population in that country & A ; its consequence on construction. •Climatic conditions of Delhi. •Study of different types of pollutions like sound pollution. light pollution & A ; their consequence on construction. •Materials used for construction 1. Properties of stuffs 2. Sum of usage •Timeline •Ways to forestall the construction from this harm Limitations of survey: •To study the stuffs used for building of “Jantar Mantar” . •Properties of stuffs. •Study of different pollutants & A ; their consequence on construction. •Different types of pollutions impacting construction. •Different ways to command the pollution.

Research Questions: •What is consequence of population on the construction? 1. Due to increasing population day-to-day use of vehicles is increased that is increasing the air pollution degree enormously. •What are the stuffs used for building? 1. White marble which is used at the top of ruddy sandstone on which graduated table is Ingraved. •What are the different types of pollution impacting construction? 1. Air pollution 2. Sound pollution •Different types of pollutants impacting edifice 1. Sulphur dioxide. sulfates. 2. Nitrogen oxide. nitrates. 3. Chlorides. Carbon dioxide & A ; Ozone.

If the degree of C dioxide in ambiance is increased every bit much as the most pessimistic anticipations. the addition in rainfall sourness this gas will do is comparatively minor. It is the reactions of other pollutant gases. such as sulfur dioxide and N oxides. that produce the more acidic rainfall. Sulphur dioxide reacts with H2O in the ambiance to bring forth sulfurous acid ( H2SO3 ) . This is what is popularly referred to as ‘acid rain’ . •What are the different techniques to cut down the pollution? Methodology: Refrences: ( n. d. ) . Retrieved 09 12. 2013. from buildingconservation_files: World Wide Web. buildingconservation_files. com