Indian Farmers

An Open Letter to the Government: A Young Indian’s Reaction to Farmer Suicides in India There is general saying that India’s future depends on the shoulder of youngsters. As a young and energetic citizen of India I would like to heed the attention of government of India in following areas through this letter. As we all know that India’s population is now about 1. 06 billion (as per 2004 survey). Out of this 1. 06 billion 65% of people solely depend on the agriculture for the livelihood ; it is well known fact that irrespective of the social status (rich/poor) every human being ought to be depend on the farmers to feed his /her stomach.

When farmers are doing such an incredible job of producing, feeding and serving the nation on other side there are more instances farmers killing themselves due to various reasons. Even in our Tamilnadu there were reports regarding the farmers eating rats due to starvation and failed monsoon at thanjaur district in 2003; According to a government report more than 17000 Indian farmers a suicide themselves in 2009 ,a seven percentage rise on previous year. In that context most suicide occurred in Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Punjab.

Andra Pradesh accounted to the tune of 1313 in between 2005 to 2007. Maharashtra accounted to the tune of4453 farmer suicide. In Karnataka number stood at 1003. since 2005 to 2009 the cases in kerala were about 905, Gujarat 387, punjob 75 and tamilnadu 26. In April 2009 the state of chattier reported 1500 farmer suicide. The national crime records bureau reports that at least 17,368 Indian formers killed themselves in 2009 it is the worst figure for farmer suicide in past 6 years. As citizen of India, it is my bounden duty to bring the attention of government of India on this alarming rate of suicide by farmers’ .

Even though there were agriculture loan waivers schemes by this ruling UPA government in 2009 to the tune of Rs 75000 crore the real farmers were not at all benefited out of that waiver. The reason is that the farmer usually won’t prefer to take loan from nationalized banks rather they prefer local money lender with higher rate of interest because of simple, easy and speedy way of availing loans. I would say that loan waiver was in fact benefited to only upper class farmers who availed loans for some other purpose by showing their lands.

Moreover while analyzing the exact reason for the suicide the following areas are coming to the picture Firstly, the exploitation of farmers at the hands of the suppliers of farm inputs and the numerous act of omission and commission on the part of government in fixing the adequate price of their agriculture products In addition to this the farmers doesn’t know the various loan facility available at nationalized banks and even they know they are inclined to approach bank due to vague ; ambiguous procedure to avail loan at banks . ence the farmer usually got in the hand of unscrupulous local money lender and been exploited by them. Besides this there are some other corroborative reasons which push a farmer to end his life such as accumulated debt, crop failure, failure to update new technology in agriculture, failed rain fall, inadequate price for agriculture products. Under this situation I would like to give some suggestion to this government to prevent the farmers from ending their life. Firstly, water is the main resource to any kind of agriculture .

In this concerned I would like to heed the attention of government of India on the project of inter linking of rivers . As far as interlinking of river is concerned, it has been only a only an instrument for election canvass for fetching more vote and nothing more than that. No party in India till now to my knowledge taken a single step towards the project. This situation should change I humbly request this government to go ahead with this project so that we can at least wipe out the tears of farmers.

Secondly the education, the farmers should be educated regarding their rights against unlawful local money lenders and they also should be educated regarding various new technologies for producing with low cost and high quality. They should be taught how to do agriculture according to the fertility and nature of soil, water availability etc. Thirdly, educated people should be encouraged to do agriculture. Fourthly, the government should consider some subsidy on fertilizer such as giving fertilizer free of cost etc. ifthly, fixing a standard price for agriculture product and also the government should eliminate the middle mans and instead the government should come forward for direct procurement or obtaining the products from the farmers with reasonable price. To conclude according to united nation one farmer commits suicide for every 32 minutes in India. Even though our government is having many expensive schemes it fails to implement it in an effective manner . It is mainly due to lack of coordination between various government agencies and also between center and state governments in having dynamic schemes according to the situation.

Government schemes should be according to the exact problems faced by the farmers and it must solve the real problems of the farmers. Therefore as a citizen of India I have bounden duty to inform my government that our farmer are under peril of losing their life due to the various reasons discussed above. Therefore it is the duty of the ruling government to heed proper attention to the problem and pave a way for saving our farmers. And I hope this letter will be considered as an attempt of a young Indian to wipe out all the problems faced by our farmers JAI HIND