What Is Illegal Racing Education Essay

Illegal racing can besides be street rushing. There are many types of Illegal racing, street rushing such as Drag racing, touge racing and Cannonball runs.

Street racing is a race which involves two or more rivals who drive in a consecutive line for a specifield distance of a A? stat mi. The basic accomplishment of Drag rushing are the ability to establish with ideal wheelspin and defecation every bit fast as possible. Besides that, that is Touge rushing besides know as “ driffing ” which is really celebrated in Japan. In Nipponese “ Touge ” means mountain base on balls, because these races are held on mountain roads and pases. Examples of such roads include Del Dios Highway in Escondido, California and Mount Haruna, on the island of Honshu, in Japan. “ Cannonball Run ” , more normally know as dashs, are illegal point to indicate unit of ammunition rallies that involve a smattering of race drivers.

2.0 Presentation & A ; Analysis

Nowaday Illegal street racing is really common by many teenagers.This can be seen while we on the unit of ammunition, many of them ride their bike with the unsafe status. It is believe that, adolescents are easy involved in Illegal street rushing because of many ground. For case the consequence of their friends. It could be worse if we do n’t take any action order to diminish the figure of adolescents who involved in Illegal street racing. Because of their attitudes, the figure of accident increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

First, the cause that made adolescents involved in illegal racing is affect by their friend. For illustration, when their friends name them to make something new and unsafe action while sit the bike, they will easy accept it. This illustration made it clear that many of adolescent, they like to demo off with one another in order to acquire congratulations from their friends. It is obvious that, friends have large influence in adolescent life. Many of them merely thinks about the felicity without think about the disadvantages.

2.1 Cause of illegal street rushing

2.1.1 Adolescents are largely influenced by their friends

As we can see, about all of street racing is in the young person group. Their thought, attitude and action were influenced by their equals. A most of them follow their friends instead that their ain parents and instructor advice. This will really unsafe if they follow they follow the incorrect way, for illustration illegal street rushing. This is why the sum of the illegal rushing increasing from twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

2.1.2 Teenagers feel wonder

Next, the cause of illegal racing is besides because of them are curiosity. Meaning to state that a most of adolescents desire to seek something new and disputing in their life. This is one factor that attracts them into the illegal racing. Their besides felt that is really admirable and outstanding if they can win the race and demo their driving accomplishments such as siting in the high velocity or acquire off from the constabulary route blocks. They besides love to interrupt the jurisprudence, because they think that it is merely an amusement. Peoples who will interrupt the jurisprudence will be a cool and great individual. They will be respect by among of the illegal race driver.

2.1.3 Parents should pass more clip and care about their kids

As all know, rich household normally faces a job with their kids when the parents merely have small clip for household. When they are excessively busy managing their concern and had to disregard to their kids. Most of the street race drivers are from a affluent household claimed that they were given excessively much money and freedom by their parents and no 1 to cares about them is besides one of the factors make them affect in to street racing activity. They feel that no one household members are truly care about where and what they are making when they out of the house. Their household or the one non cares about them so they are holding excessively much freedom from their household.

2.1.4 Money affair

They besides coming from a hapless household forces them to fall in into illegal racing in order to acquire the award of money when who won the race. Many of them truly necessitate money to back up their ain because they ca n’t acquire it from their ain parents. Most of them besides need money to upgrade their minibike to go more powerful, sometimes it will be them a ball amount sum of money.

2.1.5 Mass media affect all people

Many of people are easy influence thru mass media particularly is adolescents. Mass media can be translated thru advertisement, etc for people. Example mass media influenced the illegal racing through movie or play that show about the action of illegal racing.

2.4 Effect of Illegal Racing

2.4.1 Effectss to individual

When they get the free clip will be wasted with unuseful things or work like illegal race. They non interested towards the learn and read because it so bored and silly. So, their instruction will be distracted. Bing alcoholic, chancing are besides their societal job, they become ill-mannered and do n’t hold any moral value to each other.Even though they are non a legal route user and do n’t hold any impulsive licence, and they still take a hazardous motorcycle drive. Some of them cost their life with unsafe motorcycle drive in an illustration seeking to get away from constabulary route block and battle with constabularies. Now illegal street rushing make by them as a new amusement activity and new tendency among our adolescents.

2.4.2 Consequence to parent

Sometime, both of parent and kids does non hold clip with their kids and this caused the kids joined the illegal street rushing by their bad friend. Childs who get involved with illegal racing, ever being rude with their parents. Their kids joined the illegal street rushing group, their parents will as a victims if they have a job illustration hit of motorcycle drive and gimmick by constabularies in illegal race, so it make their household ashamed with them. Giving a bad image to their parents will drop their household self-respect.

2.4.3 Effect to community

This activities might be harmful to other people and besides interrupt community with motorcycle noisy. It any illegal racing was bothered by a constabulary they besides make a constabulary as their victims. The illegal street rushing group ‘s brothers besides non respects to community seniors. So, it will make unexpected to this group.

2.4.4 Consequence to our state

The illegal street rushing activities ever happen in our state. This scenario was series and do to be worried. Government of our state have to confront a problem to work out illegal rushing issues. This will do the child careless about our state development, because of increasing instances like murdered, raper and robbers who involved in the illegal street racing. The illegal racing activities being to lend bad image to state. Its engagements of illegal racing cause an progressively in accident rate of bike and stolen of bike are correlated in illegal racing activities. Government must to increase mulct and penalty to do street riser qui vive that authorities was series to diminish this job. child who addicted to illegal racing had make them to lose our Malayan cultural and non appreciate our Malayan freedom. From these activities issues will do the constabulary to handle them like a condemnable, sent biddings to them and impound their bike.

2.4.5 Consequence to the faith

The illegal street rushing activities will impact the renunciation of their spiritual. They were being no money value in their egos like being ill-mannered to parents and seniors. They besides non respects to their faith as illustration being alcoholic even religion curtail them to make that. They besides neglect the faith need them to make. They take alcoholic drinks although it is non pleased non the behaviour of non esteeming their spiritual but still they keep on making it.

2.5 Solution

2.5.1 National Service

During this coder, adolescents will be taught by many experient instructors. The adolescents besides can happen more friends take parting in national service. Besides that, adolescents can make full up their clip by take parting in the national service. The plan of national service besides gave all sort of preparation, hopefully can alter their attitude.

2.5.2 School

The school counsellors should give a talk to remind the pupils about how illegal street racing will impact them and the repute of the school.

2.5.3 Parent

Parent is besides so of import, because both of parent and kids does non hold clip with their kids and this caused the kids joined the illegal street racing. So parent certain pass more clip with them kids.Beside that, parent must give more attention them kids.

2.5.4 Government

Government can advance the unsafe of illegal street racing by forming runs and events to make the consciousness of the consequence of Illegal rushing to themselves, society and the state.

2.6 Decisions

The decision is all parties must responsible to care our adolescents for our state to the hereafter. Parent must pass more clip with them kids and give more attending for their kids. Besides that, the school counsellors should give a talk to remind the pupils about how illegal street racing will impact them and the repute of the school. One more of import thing is we must take the right friend because friend will impact our day-to-day life. Finally illegal racing besides cause their parent concern about them. Parent, neighbour and friend besides worry about them. This instance will happen accident, when accidents occur, they need to pass a batch of money to handle and blow their clip. So, when their friend ask for them travel to racer, they should disregard any invite and think about their parents, neighbour and friend. They should pass their clip in meaningful activity illustration join some voluntary, aid parents making household responsibilities therefore.

Introduction for Question 2

What is Information Technology, information engineering is by utilizing the term of information engineering ( IT ) was a phrase that was used by those who worked in topographic point like college, school and infirmary to processed or hive away them information. The information engineering can be used for survey, design support and operation.

3.1 Presentation Analysis of Finding

How Information Technology ( IT ) act upon our college pupil?

3.1.1 Communication

We can communication with our talk by utilizing electronic mail and SMS, indispensable to pass on and efficaciously. It can assist us to acquire closer with the talks, when we have any job or inquiry we can easy happen them and discourse with them.

3.1.2 Multimedia presentation

For our college pupil a presentation consisting of images and words that is designed to further meaningful larning. We besides can utilize it for presentation illustration: Power point, Microsoft office and Microsoft Excel.

3.1.3 Web storage

We can storage the holds informations, instructions, and information on the web for future usage. We can besides hive away privateness papers and booklet so that can forestall from the computing machine hacker to chop into our computing machine system, this map besides can pack up our base on balls assignment, place work and test.

3.1.4 Creation of New Jobs

One of the advantage of Information Technology ( IT ) is it can make many new occupation in the state so that the unemployment rate will be lower. For our college pupil we can seek different types of the occupations over of the universe.

3.1.5 Storing and protecting information

Information engineering ( IT ) besides can protect our informations and information from being hacked or wiped out in instance of any proficient failure. So that, pupil can safety salvage their privateness papers and crease on computing machine without any virus corrupt that crease.

3.1.6 Internet entree

Not merely pass on with talk, pupil besides can make many things by utilizing cyberspace. They can better from others knowledge or experiences. In chat room, we can portion any thoughts and information and learn about the many diverse civilizations over at that place. Besides that, Internet besides can assist pupil who are no English accomplishments to larn English. Nowadays most of the college or university will upload pupil consequence on the cyberspace, so that pupil can utilizing internet look into their consequences from any portion state or word

3.1.7 Online consequence

Nowadays, most of the college and instruction boards provide consequences on the Internet. So that, pupil can look into their consequence by utilizing cyberspace on anywhere.

3.1.8 E-Library

E-library is a electronic library and it is contain more than thousand book, magazine and newspaper. Student can read book and refer note and happen refers book from the e-library. When we want to happen refers book we can merely log in to the e-library to acquire the book.

3.1.9 Online instruction

Internet provides the installation to acquire on-line instruction. We can download the talks notes or tutorials on we own computing machine. We besides can listens with repeatedly by talks and acquire a batch of cognition. It is besides really inexpensive and easy manner to acquire instruction.

3.1.10 learning resources

Now, there are more and more learning resources in the cyberspace by the Information Technology.Through the excess learning resources, Is can easy seek for information online and roll up informations for my tasks.In a manner, this will assist me to understand better of what im really making in an assigment.The propensity resources brings a wider information line in the instruction which assist me to acquire to cognize more things and larn more.

3.1.11 Distance acquisition

I can analyze on-line alternatively of analyzing in a classroom.With this method I can analyze by remaining at place or place survey with a computer.It helps in salvaging my travel cost and disbursals to travel to the school.This method is besides an effectual manner to larn because we can easy acquire information online where the lector will utilize assorted ways to present information.

4.0 decisions