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Modern Days Of Learning C Programming

There are so many Polytechnics, Engineering and Arts Science colleges available today at Tamilnadu, India. Due to the increased requirements of Programming knowledge in different fields of study such as Civil, Mechanical, Production, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Bio-chemistry etc. in curriculum they have included at least one programming language such as C/C++, to give awareness to the students. Study of programming language is a must for all the students, because in future there won’t be much job opportunity without this knowledge. Hence at the time of studying this language, the candidate has to put a lot of effort, and master the programming techniques, or atleast they need to be sure, at what percentage, they are confident in programming.

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In the initial period, most of the candidates getting fear and move out of the track. They used to learn the program by memorizing and repeat it in the examination. We strongly recommend, at least to spend daily one hour for about 30 days, so that anyone can definitely write good program, if at all not able to write a creative program. There is a good video training course we found, is best to learn the training on Fundamentals of C, which not only imparts training on the core knowledge of programming, but also imparts the programming from the beginning to advanced level. Right now the video is only available in Tamil language, but the company assures to deliver the same material in English as well soon. The best part of this company is, they are in the development for the past 22 years. So their methodology of imparting the knowledge is very different. They also charging very less amount when comparing with the course content they are teaching. They are following an unique charging method called ‘Credit based learning’, you can buy credits, and spend the credits to watch video of any course. It is most interesting way of learning. Please give a try. Please have a look at their website, we recommend it very strongly. Fundamentals of C Video Training (in Tamil)

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How are Teenager Stereotypes used to Challenge the Audiencesa?

Analyse the ways that the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in the film JAWSView essay > How are Teenager Stereotypes used to Challenge the Audiencesa? Expectations in ‘The Breakfast Club’? View essay > Shrek is a film about an Ogre in a fractured fairytale. It opens with a storybook in an extreme close up shot. View essay > Analyse the ways that the director builds up suspense and scares the audience in the film JawsView essay > Discuss the issues surrounding the awarding of a certificate 15 to Kidulthood by the British Board of Film Classification. Do you agree with their assessment? View essay > Creative WritingView essay > See more Recent Audience and Production Analysis Essays >

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Most Popular Audience and Production Analysis Essays Want to know what everybody else is looking at? Here are some essays that have been the most popular choices of our Audience and Production Analysis essays: Title How powerful is the Media in British Politics? View essay > “The mass media today is part of everyday life” Using relevant theories and studies evaluate the role of the media influence on us as consumers. Almost all of us are affected by the media in one form or another, whether it is televisionView essay > The Growth of TelevisionView essay > Discuss and illustrate the production of ideology by the contemporary mass media. Focus upon the issue of race representationView essay > The importance of media nowadays is deeply impressed and has an enormous influence on every single one of us who are living on this planet. View essay > Relationship between media exposure and desensitisation to violenceView essay > With reference to various media, examine the use of sexism. Consider the use of sexism over the years and discuss any developments or changes in recent timesView essay > See more Popular Audience and Production Analysis Essays > A FANTASTIC HELP “It managed to get me through my GCSEs with the A’s I’d hoped for, and got me interested in a few new subjects too – I’m finally confident about my work” Subscribe today > Related Tags This essay has been categorised in GCSE/Media Studies/Audience and Production Analysis

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Access to Film Studies essays and coursework from all academic levels

Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho Not rated Alfred Joseph Hitchcock uses a variety of cinematic techniques in both “Rear Window” (1954) and “Psycho” (1960). Not rated All about A BronxTale Not rated All about Bette – Ruth Elizabeth Davis better known as Bette Davis was born 1908 and died in 1989 of breast cancer. Not rated Alternative Practices in Film and Broadcasting – What do you understand by the concept of ‘Independence’? Discuss. Not rated American Beauty Not rated American Beauty – American Dream Not rated American beauty famous American Dream. Not rated American Beauty is a typical “teen flick” and “Black Comedy”, which constitutes many around sex, lust and desire and also problems in family life, starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning. Not rated American Psycho was first released as a novel and was a massive hit. I am reviewing the film, which was released in 2001. Not rated An Analysis of a Scene from Terminator 2.

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How Successful Is It In Creating Drama And Tension. Not rated An Analysis of How Hitchcock Uses Various Techniques to Create Suspense. Not rated An analysis of mise en scene, cinematography, editing and sound in the opening sequence of “Raging Bull” Not rated An Analysis of Mise-En-Scene in Citizen Kane Not rated An analysis of the film Independence Day Not rated An analysis of the introduction of themes And characters in the opening 15 minutes of John Ford’s “The Searchers”. Not rated An Analysis of the Opening Scene for the Film Halloween An analysis of the opening scenes of thrillers. Not rated An analysis of the opening sequence of the film ‘East is East’ directed by Damien O’Donnell The film ‘East is east’ is based on an autobiographical screen play by Ayub Khan Din. Not rated An Analysis of the Opening sequence ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Not rated An analysis of the success of ‘The Matrix’. Not rated An analysis of the violent content in five film clips with reference to the guidelines of the BBFC and an evaluation of the BBFC’s role. Not rated An analysis of the way in which mise-en-scene cinematography, editing and sound are used to create meaning during the opening 7mins of The Usual Suspects.

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With reference to the written Macbeth text, to the R. S. C’s 1967 production and the Roman Polanskis 1971 film, analyze how successful each production has been in transforming Shakespeare’s written text onto the stage/screen. View essay > Polanski’s Interpretations of Shakespeare’s Macbeth View essay > Comparing two film versions of Macbeth, Roman Polanski’s 1972 film and Michael Bogdanov’s 1998 film. View essay > Describe, analyse, evaluate and compare the ghost scenes in the two films – The ghost scene in Peter Kosminsky’s version of Wuthering Heights is far more advanced than in Lawrence Olivier’s version, because it is more modern. View essay > Why is Hamlet able to kill in hot blood and not cold blood? View essay >

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Compare and contrast Charles Dickens’ “The Signalman” and Catherine Storrs’ “Crossing Over” and say which story you think is the most successful ghost story. View essay > Compare two versions of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’; View essay > Compare two versions of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. View essay > BETTER MARKS THAN I EVER HOPED FOR “Coursework. Info has helped me achieve better marks than I could ever have hoped for. thank you so much. ” Kim. Nursing, Mental Health, Psychology. University Student. Imagine you, like Kim: Your revision, essays or coursework DONE! Only 17p a day or less! Subscribe today > Most Recent Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe Essays Looking for the most up to date essays? Here are some of the most recently added essays in our Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe category: Title Write a story with the title “Trapped. “View essay > Jurassic Park Film reviewView essay > Creative Writing – FutilityView essay > EB White essay. People like his children’s book, such as “Stuart Little’’, “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Trumpet of the Swan”. View essay > My opinion on the film “Ghost”View essay > My trip to the museum in New York. View essay > “Reasons to be cheerful:” Write a magazine article with the above title explaining what makes you happy. View essay > Most Popular Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe Essays Want to know what everybody else is looking at? Here are some essays that have been the most popular choices of our Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe essays

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What specific cultural values are inherent in the film which differs from mainstream American films?

Foreign Film What specific cultural values are inherent in the film which differs from mainstream American films? The film, Jodhaa Akbar, is a love story, which represents cultural values of the Indian culture, through the demonstration of the special relationship shared by the couple, Jodhaa and Akbar. Firstly, the film presented the supremacy of arranged marriages in the specified culture, which differs from values presented in American films regarding Love. Secondly, another value presented about the Indian culture is, the dominance of men, in their relationships and society The cultural value inherent in the film is strong belief in the population in arranged marriages, which is completely different from values presented in mainstream American films, because, usually it presents the value of progressive love, leading to marriage, therefore a love marriage. In the film, Jodhaa Akbar, the director has used positioning and salience, in order to, present his perception of the historical love story of the couple.

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In the scene, where Akbar (the Mughal emperor) sends his proposal to marry Jodhaa, the Rajput (place) princess, to the King of Rajput (father of Jodhaa), the most salient figure is the father, who is centralised throughout the scene as well as on an elevated position, which is in contrast with the backgrounding of Jodhaa. This clearly display the decision of the wether, Akbar, is the correct life partner of Jodhaa, solely rests on the decision of the father of the bride, due to elevated position and centralisation representing power, and as shown later in the film, the King accepts the proposal, due to which, Jodhaa marries Akbar, without any complain, therefore showing the concept of arranged marriage in the culture. Furthermore, the backgrounding of the bride, shows the unimportance of her opinions on whether or not she wishes to marry the man. This is in contrast with the values presented in mainstream American films, as seen in recent example of Pride & Prejudice, where the characters first fall in love, which is followed by marriage. This is on the contrary on the values presented in the film, where first they characters get married, which eventually leads to love. This regularity of arranged marriages also presents another cultural value inherent in the film, which is the dominance of men in Indian culture and society. Costuming, positioning and symbolism are used to display the dominance difference between the males and females, through the character of the protagonist.

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Jane Eyre

“Jane Eyre, its film and sequels – whatever their differences- always return to the eternal struggle between male dominance and female victimhood” The novel Jane Eyre subverts the patriarchal society. Jane Eyre was wrote in a time when married women had no existence in the law and, and “female emancipation conjured spectres of sexual permissiveness and the masculinisation of women, threatened the patriarchal family and state” (xv). Right from the very start Jane continuously goes against the customs of how females should act, not only to the opposite sex but overall. Jane flies at “Master John” when he strikes her and even the women saw this as “shocking conduct”, and perceived her as a “mad cat” to strike her “young master”. Jane then replies that he is not her master and she is not a servant, to then hear that she is “less than a servant” (15). This is the first time we see Jane go against male dominance and this outburst ends in her been imprisoned because of her acts. Thus proving that male dominance is acceptable but a female has to take it dutifully to resist further punishment.

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The battle of dominancy continues at Lowood. This section not only shows a clash of dominance but it shows also what “class” you are, really has a difference on how a female body should be presented. We see throughout this section, Jane, Helen, and Miss Temple all fight against patriarchal authority. It is Miss Temple who we see first fight for dominance by telling Brocklehurst that it was she who gave the orders for the children to have “two clean tuckers in a week”, and to have a lunch of “bread and cheese”. When he asks “who introduced this innovation? And by what authority?” Miss Temple simply replies “I must be responsible for the circumstance”. Here she is clearly trying to gain authority, but Brocklehurst throughout the rest of chapter 7 shows Miss Temple who is boss by appropriating “Christian spirituality to justify the physical starvation and regulation of the female body. To serve “a Master” “whose kingdom is not of this world” (96), Brocklehurst proclaims, “my mission is to mortify in these girls the lusts of the flesh” (97). The discipline is imposed on behaviours as well as activities” (Chih-Ping Chen 2002). This is where we see how “Brocklehurst’s position expressed a middle class interest in preserving the economic status quo, and that division required cleared division between the classes themselves” (Godfrey 2005). As he tells Miss Temple to cut the girls hair and how they should not spend so much time on themselves yet his wife and children walk into the room dressed in luxury clothing clearly showing that they are “ladies” proving he does not have a problem with all women dressing.

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Death and the Media

Chris Schuessler The New School for Media Studies ‘Death and the Media’ Professor Deirdre Boyle Van Sant’s ‘Death’ Trilogy: Gerry, Elephant and Last Days Gus van Sant’s three films, Gerry, Elephant and Last Days, are, in essence, a trilogy, linked by their common structures, compositions, and representations of death. In this paper, I will analyze these similarities and discuss the treatment of each film’s central event. Van Sant’s early career showed a unique experimentation with story structure and plot devices. In films like My Own Private Idaho, Drugstore Cowboy and To Die For, he displayed a freedom of narrative, creating esoteric, poetic pieces that challenged and often bewildered viewers. His career then became more conventional, and he hit somewhat of a lame lowpoint with the film Finding Forrester, a sappy story about a young black teenager whose writing gifts are altruistically recognized by an aging author played by Sean Connery. His next film, however, was completely different than anything he had directed. It starred Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, who, along with van Sant, would normally create box office demand with their work. Yet the film was not widely released or widely seen. It was mostly dismissed as an indulgent experimental piece, something created by Hollywood artists bored with their usual work and with easy access to too much funding. Van Sant followed this with a film that premiered at Sundance and, surprisingly, took the top prize. It purported to be a representation of the Columbine killings, even though Columbine was never mentioned, and several liberties were brazenly taken with facts that most people were intimately familiar with. It featured no professional actors; actually, the characters were all essentially playing themselves, even using their real names and shooting in their actual school. The film was much more widely seen, and the unique treatment of time and plot proved to be very similar to his previous work. His most recent film, officially titled Gus van Sant’s Last Days, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and attempted to vaguely recreate the death of Kurt Cobain.

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The thematic elements and structure were by now easily recognizable. The film’s first reviews were harsh, but eventually, critics seemed to warm to it, and it was widely praised for its bravery and patience. Van Sant refers to them as a “news story” trilogy, in that they are all based on real events. Gerry is about two guys who get lost in the desert, and one of them eventually kills the other one. Even if we’re unfamiliar with the event, we can picture the sensational headline, probably depicting the event as horrific and the murderer as an animal. Van Sant’s portrayal of the event, from the characters losing their way to the actual murder, reveals his intent to fully immerse himself in the event and depict how such an act could occur. When we witness the murder, it appears natural and even compassionate. The circumstances under which the characters are behaving are unusual and extreme, but their intentions and humanity are always recognizable. The next two films are events with which the culture is very familiar. Almost everyone who sees them has a strongly formed emotional impression of the stories. The Columbine massacre and the suicide of Kurt Cobain are two of the most omnipresent cultural events for this generation of Americans, and van Sant chooses to take them on. His intentions are similar to those of his first film in the series; he wants to discover, through the process of filmmaking, how such acts could occur. It is unclear as to whether van Sant intended to create a trilogy, but these films are unmistakably similar in several different ways, including their shooting and editing style, their themes, and their attempt to depict a “found story”. Common Style Cinematographer Harry Savides shot the trilogy, and his style remains consistent; it can best be described as meditative. Most of the elements and techniques were developed in the process of making Gerry. The shooting period lasted twenty-one days. There were lots of problems during the shoot, and the scenes were always planned and executed on set, in collaboration with the actors, and with very little adherence to a shooting script or written dialogue. During this process, van Sant and Savides developed what would become a signature style for them. They composed very long tracking shots of the characters simply walking through the desert. Some shots were close-ups of their faces as they trudged, always with a definite purpose and determination. Others were long shots of their tiny bodies against the hugeness of the landscape.

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