Democracy vs Dictatorships Efficiency

Were most have failed democracy has triumphed, to a certain extent at least as “of the people, by the people, and for the people “Lincoln. This concept of democracy is at its finest and most pure in a direct form. Unlike direct democracy, the representative form is controlled by the wealthy who ask for the majority of the public’s consent to do as much as they can for the people’s interest. Contrary to this concept is a dictatorship. In two forms (oligarchy, autocracy) both run on absolute control as far as the concept of free will allows them to make decisions. But which is better, that is to say in efficiency.

Some may argue that efficiency is defined by the effectiveness not by the speed in which is done. And by effective I mean in a manner that facilitates ones country instead of hinder potential growth for the public good. If we were to go by this definition democracy would surely win because of its present status. Under educated people with good a leader democracy succeeds economically, but not limited in this aspect. For it promotes free trade and private industry where its success is most notable in countries like the US, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. Further, its success or failure depends on the voter.

If the voters are educated and enlightened, then only will they vote to elect capable men. If they are ignorant they will vote for undesirable persons. Thus, democracy depends upon the voters. So even in a favorable definition democracy still lacks efficiency under some circumstances. On the contrary when a countries economy is going down the drain history has shown leaders like Napoleon and Hitler who rose their country to prosperity unlike ever seen before. This was experienced by these two leaders because under an autocracy decisions are made efficiently by very few people who are involved in the decision making process.

This is necessary especially during war times. A dictatorship is swift and gets the job done when a democracy lags behind due to its intricate time consuming process to get anything done. For everything, first of all some legislation has to be passed. It takes a pretty long time before the Government comes to any decision. Moreover, it also lacks in secrecy. Its machinery is very complicated. It runs through a long chain of officers and their staff. Thus, every order has to pass through so many hands before it can be executed. So it is said that it can never be successful in war times.