Interviewing Law Enforcement

The three potential interviewees I have chosen are as follows: NAME: Dave Kleinback PROFESSION: Batavia City Police Senior Sargent PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: City of Batavia Police Department NAME: Eric Hill PROFESSION: Batavia City Officer PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: City of Batavia Police Department NAME: Brian Friday PROFESSION: Batavia City Police Officer PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: City of Batavia Police Department

What I hope to learn from this interview is more about the profession field that I am studying for and how officers feel after years of being in their fields. I want to know everything there is to know about being an officer so I can better understand if this field is right for me. FIFTEEN QUESTIONS: What made you become an officer? How often do you find yourself in a dangerous situation? Have you ever shot someone in the line of duty, and if so does it stay with you forever?

Any regrets about the field you chose for yourself? Does your position have a massive toll on your family and social life? What are your qualifications or academic qualifications as of now as opposed to how they were when you were a rookie? What does your daily routine consist of, and what do you do while you are on the clock? Do you feel there is a down side to your profession? And if so what is it? 10. Have you ever had a situation where you had to question your morals or the law to do what was right?

If so please explain. 11. What is your annual salary? 12. How much schooling and training did you endure to be employed by a police department or any department for law enforcement? 13. What traits do you feel are necessary to become a successful member of law enforcement? 14. Do you have a police record? Do you think it matters if you do have a record even for the smallest offense? 15. What do you have to keep in mind when dealing with criminals?